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Mariner Of The Seas Kitchen Tour With Royal Caribbean Executive Chef Garry Smith

The quality of food and beverages served has always been one of the key decision factors for selecting my cruise holiday. One of the main reasons when I kept returning back to Royal Caribbean Cruise is the amazing selection of quality cuisine served onboard the ship. From the buffet line at Windjammer Café to fine dining at Rhapsody In Blue Dining Room, we were never disappointed. While it is easy for us as guests onboard to take the convenience of all day dining for granted, it is not hard to imagine the massive planning and execution by the team in the high seas. To see the exclusive behind-the-scene action, we are honoured to have Executive Chef (EC) Garry Smith to share with us some of the intricate details.

Executive Chef Garry Smith Onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise - AspirantSG

As we walk through Rhapsody In Blue to the main kitchen, EC Garry shared with us that he is Scottish and have served onboard Royal Caribbean for 5 years with 3 years in Asia. He is the man to go to for all food and beverages served onboard which includes Windjammer Café, Main Dining Halls, Café Promenade, Themed Restaurants as well as 24 hours Room F&B Service.

Main Dining Hall On Mariner Of The Seas - AspirantSG

He explained that Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western dishes are planned for Royal Caribbean cruises in Asia. Wok stations have been put in place to prepare Chinese cuisine. As cruises duration in Asia is usually shorter, 7 main dishes are presented on the dinner menu. Long haul European cruises (45 to 90 days) can have up till 28 main dishes to keep guest entertained with new choices daily. The team places careful considerations to ensure that guests enjoy a balanced diet and variety of taste during the menu planning process.

Shrimp Cocktail Served On Royal Caribbean Cruise - AspirantSG

To fine-tune the menu, the passenger manifest is made known to his team to work out the nationality and race breakdown of the passengers. They will also refer and take action upon the feedback obtained from previous cruise online survey. EC Garry cheekily commented that Singaporeans are usually the pickier guests onboard.

Main Dinner Entree Served  On Mariner Of The Seas - AspirantSG

The amount of food served onboard the cruise is unbelievable. We are looking at 16,000 & 17,000 meals a day for 4,900 guests and crew. To feed everyone, EC Garry engages a team of 3 Executive Sous Chef, 4 Sous Chef, 128 Cooks and 74 Utilities! Dry and frozen food are stocked from Miami and fresh supply of fruits and vegetables are purchased on every turnaround.

Cook seasoning beef on Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

Preparation for the dinner dining starts from morning with the Soup Cooks simmering their delectable concoctions. The main food production gallery is housed on Deck 3, Fish and Bakery on Deck 4 and last but not least Asian cuisine and room service are placed on Deck 5. All food preparations must meet the Hygiene Standards of United States Public Health.

Salad Preparation On Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

Did you know that before the food gets served onto your table, it has to pass the strict scrutiny of all the Sou Chefs onboard the ship? The entire tasting process was quite an experience. Chefs will present their respective dishes with details of the ingredients, presentation layout and taste descriptions.

Dishes For Tasting On Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

The chefs will systematically sample each other’s creation and

Sou Chefs Tasting Dishes On Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

give their brutal feedback and comments.

Chef Giving Feedback On Mariner Of The Seas Roya Caribbean - AspirantSG

Although everything well this round, EC Garry shared that there are incidents where certain dishes did not make the cut and the team responsible need to stumble for immediate rectification. Practicing batch cooking on the ship reduces food wastage.

Feedback On dishes on Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

Once the dishes pass the test, the proud produce from Pastry Chefs springs into action!

Pastry ready to be served on Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

Friendly waiters are placing the pastries into bread baskets for guest selection as they wait for the mains to be served.

Putting pastry into baskets on Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

In the meanwhile, folks preparing the mains entrees are getting busy as orders streams in.

Mains & Pastry On Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

I am so eyeing the steak.

Cooking Steak On Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

Once the entrees are ready, they would be placed at their respective line stations waiting to be picked up by the service staffs.

Pick Up Stations On Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

Service staff will present a ticket during collection, which will be used to record order and fulfillment statistics. These statistics will be analyzed to calibrate menu and procurement requirements for future cruises.

Collection Stations for entrees on Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

After the privileged tour of the kitchen, I thanked EC Garry and his team for their time and bid them farewell to re-join my family back at Rhapsody In Blue Dining Hall.

Dinner With family On Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean -  AspirantSG

I did ordered steak that evening and it was perfect! My cousin chided me for not giving her the insider information.

Steak On Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

We strongly recommend wines to go with your meals onboard. The price is very affordable and a bottle can probably last you over 2 dinners.

Wine Onboard Mariner Of The Seas Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

Grandma looking very pleased with the Asian fares and service on the ship.

Grandmother looking please with meals on Royal Caribbean - AspirantSG

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