5 Luxurious Locations In The Heart Of Europe

When looking for a location to travel to Europe, it is important to think about what you are looking for and the best locations for that. With several luxurious locations out there for you and your family to enjoy the choice is up to you. So, before you run and renew your EU health card and head to the airport, read on to see our 5 choices for luxury locations in the heart of Europe.

Monaco, French Riviera

Not only is this home to one of the biggest races in formula one. This stunning location is home to some of the best views, but it is also home to some of the worlds richest people. This unique location is the home of luxury with a number of amazing boats in the harbour and all-inclusive luxury hotels for you to enjoy during your stay. Although prices for this amazing city tend to rise around the time of the infamous formula one race, this is the perfect location for sun, sea and sand.

Mykonos, Greece

Another location that is more than worth the visit is Mykonos in Greece. This island is surrounded by crystal clear water and white sand beaches making this the perfect place for you to spend time in the sun whilst exploring years of culture. With local bars and quaint hotels, plenty you are sure to find the perfect luxury hotel when visiting here. Not only this but flights are just £128 per person allowing you to enjoy some rest and relaxation without spending a small fortune in the process.

Milan, Italy

More commonly known as the home of fashion in Italy, the city of Milan is at the very height of luxury in this outstanding country. Not only are their designer fashion houses such as Giorgio Armani, Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana but there are some of the most amazing luxury hotels for you to enjoy. With the likes of the four seasons and the Bulgari playing host to a number of celebrities during fashion week, this is the perfect location to visit for those that love everything about the luxury fashion industry and the finer things in life whilst travelling.

Paris, France

The city of lights is yet another location to visit for the very best of French decadence and the luxury lifestyle. This romantic city is yet another place fact full of some of the biggest and best fashion houses in Europe all whilst providing the very best of fine dining and accommodation. In the city of lights, you can do no better than luxury Michelin star restaurants and luxury hotels such as the Grand Hotel Du Palais and Le Bristol giving you some of the best accommodation in the city for you to enjoy your time away completely stress-free.

Cavtat, Croatia

On the coast of the beautiful country of Croatia is the village of Cavtat. With crystal clear water and a small dock, this is the perfect place to explore if you love both scuba diving and unique shops. Nestled down some of the small back streets are some of the most amazing restaurants for you to enjoy with a whole range of cuisines. This tiny village is the ideal location for a luxury holiday without prying eyes as you can live like a local surrounded by some of the most amazing beaches in the country.

With all this in mind, there are several amazing locations all over Europe allowing you to enjoy a luxury holiday without the price tag.

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