Lunar 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival Video Series – Chimera

What is it about the Chinese 7th month that always manages to strike a certain amount of fear and uncertainty in our hearts? Is it the superstitions that we heard about from our parents when we were young? “Don’t stay out late after midnight during this period !” or the general discouragement of swimming at night least your leg gets pulled by a unseen spirit? And why should it be that spirits are more active ONLY during this period and not others? Well, to me, the Chinese 7th month was always the equivalent to the Western Halloween. And it is in a way ,an affirmation of a life after death, unseen and supernatural. With that in mind, I set out to film and produce 3 short ghost stories. Stories that are not really meant to scare, but perhaps to make you wonder.

Lunar 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival Chimera - AspirantSG

And as such, I proudly present to you the first of 3 short stories which I will be posting up every week.

“Chimera” was filmed on location at Punggol’s 17th Avenue. The road that many locals know , led many to their deaths during WW2. And having spent an entire evening filming there, I can safely say that that stretch of road is not one you would like to find yourself walking on in the dead of night.

Click play and let me know what you think. What would you have done if you had encountered the same thing the main protagonist experienced? Or have you already been spooked in a similar fashion ?

Paul Goh has been chased off by security guards twice while shooting. For more of his videos he can be found here : 201 productions.

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