Lucy Secret For Her Husband – Okinawa Japan

After Lucy from Shanghai found a secret message on her husband’s phone three years ago, her life was changed forever. She fondly shared that they have been married for seven years and enjoyed the bliss of marriage till the arrival of their first child.

What should have been a joyous phase in their life turned out to be an absolute nightmare for Lucy. She wasn’t coping well with the stress of parenthood and her inexperienced husband did not managed to help much. It was dark times for her and her poor husband often had to take the blunt of her moods.

After things stabilised, she decided Okinawa Japan would be the best place to confront her husband on the secret and enjoy quality family time together with their daughter. They set forth to reside the beautiful Kariyushi Beach Resort and met friendly local families who brought them to family oriented attractions such as the Aquarium which offered a unique glimpse of diverse sea life and provided an excellent learning experience for their little one. Looking at how happy her family is on the trip, she finally understand the true meaning of happiness.

Glowing in her Okinawa aura, she is ready with her secret. Watch the video to find out!

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