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The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Jade’s Classics & Locally Inspired Rice Dumplings

This Dragon Boat Festival, celebrate the time-honoured tradition with the Jade Classics Rice Dumpling Collection from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. From 20 May to 10 June 2024, Chinese Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng from Jade presents signature Chinese creations with the debut of a new liquor-infused flavour this year, available for purchase by piece or as part of gift bundles. Chef Leong’s traditional creations can also be enjoyed alongside three nostalgic flavours inspired by Singapore’s heritage cuisine, including a new dessert dumpling flavour.

Classic Chinese Flavours that Honour Tradition 

Chinese Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng’s newest creation, the Moutai Pork and Dried Scallop Rice Dumpling with Chinese Ham and Mushroom 茅台瑶柱云南火腿香菇猪肉粽 (S$24 nett), delivers a lavish experience befitting the occasion. The pork belly filling is marinated with premium Moutai white liquor for 48 hours, infusing the succulent meat with a distinctive aroma and complexity, tinged with a hint of smokiness. Red vinasse, dried scallop, Chinese ham, black mushroom, chestnut, and salted egg yolk further enhance the moreish flavour profile. 

Perfect for sharing, Jade’s best-selling Traditional Hong Kong-style Abalone Treasures Rice Dumpling 港式鲍鱼裹蒸粽 (S$58 nett) is filled generously with premium ingredients for a celebration of flavours and textures: two pieces of South African ten-head abalone, roasted duck, roasted pork belly, dried scallop, lotus seed, salted egg yolk, black mushroom, mung bean, dried shrimp, fresh pork fat and chestnut.

Those seeking a healthier and no less sumptuous experience would enjoy Jade’s returning Truffle and Trio Mushroom Five-grain Rice Dumpling 松露三菇五谷素粽 (S$20 nett). This vegetarian option contains an umami-rich mixture of five grains, truffle paste, fresh king oyster mushroom, matsutake mushroom, black mushroom, chestnut, and plant-based meat.

Comforting Flavours of Home

This year’s locally inspired rice dumplings include two returning flavours and a new addition. Back by popular request, the Blue Pea Nyonya Rice Dumpling 蝶豆娘惹粽 (S$18 nett) contains a savoury-sweet filling of minced pork, mushrooms, and candied winter melon, while natural dye extracted from butterfly pea flowers imparts a lovely blue hue. A staple of the occasion, the Hokkien Salted Egg Yolk Rice Dumpling 福建黄金咸蛋鲜肉粽 (S$18 nett) reveals a classic combination of braised pork, mushroom, chestnut, and salted egg yolk.

An ode to Peranakan cuisine, the new Red Bean Gula Melaka Rice Dumpling 红豆椰香粽子 (S$16 nett per pair) caps off the celebration on an auspiciously sweet note. This dainty dessert dumpling contains a smooth red bean paste and is gently sweetened with the rich caramel-like notes of Gula Melaka.

Gift Bundles for the Occasion 

Jade presents two new three-piece gift bundles, curated to suit different preferences and presented in reusable carrier bags. The Jade Sentiments Gift Bundle 玉楼情有独[粽]礼包 (S$88 nett) is ideal for those who prefer timeless Chinese flavours, and contains a Traditional Hong Kong Abalone Treasures Rice Dumpling, a Moutai Pork and Dried Scallop Rice Dumpling, and a Truffle and Trio Mushroom Five-grain Rice Dumpling.

The other three-piece option, the Jade Harmony Gift Bundle 玉楼[粽]情重意礼包 (S$78 nett), offers a more varied selection by combining Jade’s best-selling classic with two locally inspired flavours: a Traditional Hong Kong Abalone Treasures Rice Dumpling, a Blue Pea Nyonya Rice Dumpling and a Red Bean Gula Melaka Rice Dumpling.

Perfect for family gatherings or as a gift that would delight cherished associates, the limited-edition Jade Unity Gift Basket 玉楼[粽]志成城礼篮 (S$128 nett) consists of six rice dumplings, one of each flavour, in a reusable woven basket — Traditional Hong Kong Abalone Treasures Rice Dumpling, Moutai Pork and Dried Scallop Rice Dumpling, Truffle and Trio Mushroom Five-grain Rice Dumpling, Blue Pea Nyonya Rice Dumpling, Hokkien Salted Egg Yolk and Pork Rice Dumpling, and Red Bean Gula Melaka Rice Dumpling.

Early Bird Offer: From 22 April to 24 May 2024, enjoy 25 percent off individual rice dumplings and 3- piece gift bundles, and 10 percent off 6-piece gift baskets, ordered online at

Place orders online at or at The Fullerton Cake Boutique, located at the lobbies of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore. Available for delivery or self-collection from The Fullerton Cake Boutique. A minimum four-day pre-order is required for online orders.

Delivery can be arranged at S$40 nett per location in Singapore. Complimentary one-time delivery is available for purchases above S$500 (in a single order), to one location in Singapore. The last day to place takeaway orders is 6 June 2024.

Self-collection Discount: Enjoy 10% off self-collection orders until 6 June 2024 (not applicable in conjunction with other offers or discounts).

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