Lee Min Ho Celebrate OSIM 35th Anniversary In Singapore

The Korean superstar and drama prince, Lee Min Ho, was in Singapore to celebrate OSIM 35th anniversary on 27 September 2014. Lee Min Ho is the first Korean endorser for chic sofa, uDiva which consists of triple enjoyment massage sofa that can transform into a relaxing launder or a full-body massage chair. AspirantSG is honoured to be one of the invited media to celebrate this joyous occasion. Wen Kun, our guest contributor (also a huge fan of Lee Min Ho) was tasked to share with us the event highlights.Media Invitation To Lee Min Ho OSIM 35th Anniversary Celebration

To mark this important milestone, OSIM organised uDiva Asian Tour to heighten their celebration by inviting their brand ambassador, Lee Min Ho to meet their Asian Fans in Asia. To kick off the celebration in Singapore, OSIM has arranged a short press conference for Lee Min Ho at The Westin Singapore. 

Lee Min Ho At OSIM 35th Anniversary Press Conference In Singapore

Lee Min Ho answered the following questions during the press conference:

1. There are 6 professionally designed lifestyle massage features in uDiva chair which are your favourite functions? 

His personal favourite are “Relax”, “Stretch” and the Morning functions. With these in mind, OSIM has specially arranged an OSIM uDiva in his room for him to boost up his day.

Lee Min Ho answered “I think my mum uses it most of the time as I do not spend much time at home due to my hectic schedules. I can’t remember when was the last time i have given my mum a shoulder massage, perhaps when i was a child?”

He would like to thank OSIM for giving him such a wonderful gift. He is glad that uDiva helps him fulfil the duty of a son to massage his mum’s shoulders and that his mom enjoy uDiva very much.

2. What is your favourite pastime? 

Lee Min Ho candidly shared that sleeping is his favourite pastime. If he had time or a day off work, he can easily spend 9 – 12 hours resting in bed. However, he worries about his face becoming slightly bloated from sleeping long hours. Hence he usually prefer to attend events in the evening to allow his face to recover from them puffiness. He jokingly suggest that OSIM should get him a face massage to rid him of this worry.

3. What help you relax? 

To aid his relaxation, Lee Min Ho always bring along his headsets and favourite loud music to blast his stress and worries away. Of course, many of his staffs cannot stand the volume of his music and at times he receive complaints from hotel and their guest too!

4. When will you release your 2nd album? 

Lee Min Ho revealed that his 2nd album “Song For You” will be released on 4th October. He hope his fans can continue to support him with this new launch! Lee Min Ho got interested in learning Mandarin and singing Mandarin songs after he performed “Boys Over Flowers”/ “Qing Fei De Yi” with Harlem Yu, the song’s original singer at CCTV Lunar New Year TV Programmes in China this year. Although he has not made any official recording for Mandarin song but he does not deny the possibility of singing Mandarin songs in the future. There is a Mandarin song that is close to his heart but unfortunately, he was unable to free up time from his new movie “Gangnam Blues. He will try to free up time to perfect his Mandarin and practice this song in future.

5. What are some of your most memorable experiences when filming ‘Gangnam Blues’?

In preparation of his role in “Gangnam Blues”, Lee Min Ho had the problem of looking too ‘well maintained’. To give himself the more manly, rugged and unshaven look required for the role, he gave up the use of facial lotions for 6 months. He hates the experience as he can really feel his complexion is deteriorating. He would like to assure his fans that he only looks more matured in the movie, he is back to his youthful self again.

6. Will you be performing your new songs during your Global Tour, RE:MINHO, Reboot Lee Min Ho?

Good news to all Minoz in Singapore! Lee Min Ho has disclosed that he will be performing new songs from his 2nd album during his Global Tour, RE:MINHO, Reboot Lee Min Ho, which will begin in October 2014. Singapore is one of his stops for his Global Tour, you can catch him ‘Live’ at 7pm, 9 November 2014 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Visit www.leeminho2014.com for more information. 

Lee Min Ho Signing On OSIM uDiva - AspirantSG

Once the Press Conference is over, our diligent blog contributor followed Lee Min Ho to Causeway Point where Lee Min Ho get to meet his fans at Meet-and-greet Session titled ’Celebrate OSIM’s 35th Anniverdsary with Lee Min Ho’. Lee Min Ho At OSIM 35 Anniversary Celebration - AspirantSG

Thousands of fans chanting on top of their lungs and flooded all the four floors of the shopping mall, squeezing themselves as close to the barricades just to get a glimpse of him and a hand shake with Lee (if you’re lucky) at Causeway Point.Lee Min Ho At Causeway Point Singapore - AspirantSG

Lee Min Ho introduced himself in Mandarin and localised by adding singlish “lah” at the end of his sentence. He is just too cute!Lee Min Ho Addressing His Fans At OSIM 35th Anniversary Causeway Point Singapore - AspirantSG

OSIM prepared an interesting unveiling ceremony for uDiva.

OSIM 25th Anniversary Birthday Cake With Lee Min Ho - AspirantSG

uDiva Ambassador Lee Min Ho was invited to officiate the unveiling.Unveiling of the OSIM uDiva by Lee Min Ho - AspirantSG

Check out the video of the unveiling of OSIM uDiva below:

OSIM has selected 35 lucky uDiva customers who has participated in the contest where they shared why they love the uDiva, its multiple functions and programs for this special photo opportunity.35 Lucky OSIM Customers Taking Photo With Lee Min Ho In Singapore

Out of these 35 customers, 5 were chosen to participate in stage games with Lee Min Ho. Some of these games include applying lip balm for the fan or hug each other as tight as possible to burst a balloon between them.Lee Min Ho Playing Games With OSIM Lucky Winners - AspirantSG

Celebrating OSIM 35th Anniversary, a tiered birthday cake balloon was brought in for the occasion. Lee Min Ho was asked to sing Happy Birthday Song in Korean but he was too shy and got everyone to sing with him in English.

OSIM uDiva Ambassador Lee Min Ho - AspirantSG

We would like to thank OSIM for giving us the opportunity to take part in OSIM 35th Anniversary Celebration and getting the chance to get up close and personal with uDiva Ambassador Lee Min Ho. We will definitely continue to support Lee Min Ho and encourage more users to check out OSIM full range of products other than the much-coveted uDiva at their official website: www.osim.com and simply walk into any of their stores in Singapore! It is hard to find a better massage chair than uDiva!

For more details on the event ‘Celebrate OSIM’s 35th anniversary with Lee Min Ho’, please visit OSIM Facebook Fan Page: www.Facebook.com/OSIMSG

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