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Korean Air SKYPETS Let’s You Travel With Furry & Feathered Pets

An increasing number of air passengers are travelling with pets, a market segment Korean Air is catering to with its SKYPETS loyalty program. Korean Air has experienced a 29% year-on-year increase in this year’s first half in the number of passengers travelling with pets. The SkyTeam Alliance carrier, which is a pet-friendly airline, sees that pets are more than just companions; they are treasured family members. Korean Air SKYPETS program aims to make the travel experience convenient, memorable and enjoyable for furry and feathered friends. Pets permitted are dogs, cats and pet birds at least eight weeks old.

Korean Air sees that pets are treated with utmost care and attention throughout their journey thanks to our pet-friendly cabins and professional pet handlers.

“Korean Air is a seasoned expert in taking you and your loved ones, including your four and two-legged best friends to places across the world,” said Young Soo Yoo, Korean Air’s Vice President and Head of Loyalty. “We look forward to welcoming you and your family on our expansive global network.”

Korean Air SKYPETS Program

Pet travel has been a growing trend in recent years, because pets are an integral part of many people’s lives. An increasing number of travellers are seeking opportunities to explore Korea and the world with their furry and feathered companions. Korean Air is at the forefront of this growing movement. Passengers have provided very positive feedback and appreciate the airline’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of passengers and their beloved pets.

The SKYPETS program is indicative of Korean Air’s commitment to being a customer-centric airline, focused on enhancing passengers’ travel experience. Whether it’s a short domestic trip or an exciting international adventure, SKYPETS provides a rewarding journey for pets and their owners alike.

SKYPETS is a loyalty program that allows passengers to collect stamps for each flight taken with their pets. For every flight segment completed with a pet on board, travellers earn a stamp in their SKYPETS passport. These stamps can later be redeemed for exciting discounts and exclusive benefits on future flights with Korean Air.

Earning Stamps Category



Stamp(s) per cage, per segment



Korean Air SKYPETS – Redeeming Stamps

The stamps earn you free or discounted travel for your pet.

– 6 stamps: 50% discount on one domestic flight segment

– 12 stamps: One domestic flight segment free or 50% discount on one international flight segment

– 24 stamps: One international flight segment free

More customers are traveling with their pets Category









Passengers traveling with pets*

















* In-cabin and in-hold (bulk compartment) transportation total

** YoY comparison, 1H2022

For more information about the SKYPETS program visit Korean Air’s website.

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