KoKoPanda – Korean Superfood Dessert Parlour Now In Singapore!

A new wave of demand for healthy dessert offerings has hit the shores of our sunny island! KoKoPanda serving Korean superfood dessert and beverages has just opened at Plaza Singapura this December. The Korean softserve and beverage concept, which specialises in its wide array of superfood toppings is all set to start a new trend in guilt-free indulgence in Singapore. If you are looking for a dessert and beverage alternative which combines deliciousness with nutrition, this new addition to the dessert scene is a must-try!

Too Cool For Sauce

KoKoPanda’s dessert menu highlight is a unique combination of three different softserves that promises to provide a unique gastronomical experience. KoKo Black Yogo, is a black frozen yoghurt made from roasted coconut husk, that contains edible activated charcoal that helps cleanse the body of toxins. It is pure indulgence meets detox in the form of a delicious, tangy tasting froyo that is perfect after a scrumptious meal or those looking for a new way to detox.

For ice-cream lovers, there is KoKo White Cremo, a rich Korean softserve ice-cream made from premium Korean milk that gives it a silk-like texture. Preservative free, it is regularly flown in fresh from Korea due to it’s short shelf life. The signature KoKo Twisto softserve is sure to satisfy discerning customers seeking a new experience. A combination of half black yogo and half white cremo, this ‘instagram-perfect’ softserve teases the palate with its tartness on one side and richness on the other, giving customers the combination of two different sensations in one serving.

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KoKoPanda prides itself in the technical challenges it has to overcome to create its range of soft serves where detailed attention is paid to sourcing the highest quality ingredients as well as the exact proportions of ingredients to create a delicious and velvety texture. KoKoPanda softserves are served without sauce and at a temperature of below minus 7-degree celsius as opposed to the industry average of minus 5 degrees as it believes that this is one of the secrets in maintaining the quality of every serving.

Too Cool For Normal Fruits

KoKoPanda’s selection of super toppings includes premium dried superfruits such as Korean Strawberries, Apple, Persimmon and Jeju Tangerine that are dried under low temperature to preserve all of the fruit’s natural nutrients and vitamins, super grains as well as jelly pearls made from seaweed & bursting jelly caviars made from real fruit juice. For those looking to add some crunch to their softserve, the highly recommended KoKoCrunch, a proprietary blend of dried fruits and rice puff granola is rich in nutrients and fibre.

Softserve helpings range from $4.90 per cup with one free topping or $5.9 per cup with a choice of three topping (one premium and two normal toppings).

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The Super Beverage Menu

KoKoPanda’s exciting super beverage menu includes drink choices such as coconut water & chia seeds, exotic iced teas, Korean-style bubble teas, fruit vinegar ciders, and fruit enzyme drinks ranging from $2.90 to $4.20. KoKoCha is a range of exotic iced teas freshly brewed from a treasure chest of connoisseur grade tea leaves including Jeju Rose Green Tea and Darjeeling Champagne Tea. A must-try signature drink at KoKoPanda is also their Jeju Green Tea Latte with black KoKoPearls, a great tasting, silky textured iced latte rich in tea flavours from premium grade Jeju green tea which contains natural polyphenols and antioxidants that are bound to get you coming back for more.

For the weight conscious, Green Grapes or Green Apple Cider With Chia Seeds are made from pure fruit vinegar ciders known for extra health benefits such as weight loss and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. KoKoPanda’s ChiaChaCha serves up a refreshing combination of 100% Coconut Water with nutrient packed Chia seeds that is known as the miracle grain for its rich content of Omega 3, Calcium, Potassium and other micronutrients. A local first will be KoKoPanda’s fruit enzyme drinks such as the Cranberry Snow Pear & Jeju Tangerine. Fruit enzymes are made from fruits fermented at a room temperature and are known traditionally to help maintain a healthy digestive system and for it’s skin beautifying properties. Customers can also request to add yummy toppings such as KoKoBomb bursting fruit caviars or KoKoPearls made from Kantan seaweed jelly in their drinks for an added sensation.

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On what sets KoKoPanda apart from other dessert & beverage options in the market, Katie Kang, Managing Director for KoKoPanda states: “We are all about superfood desserts and beverages. We noticed that many of the drinks and desserts available today are mostly made from sugar and syrups with little goodness included. We are here to spread our concept of guilt-free indulgence by adding the benefits of superfoods into delicious desserts and beverages that people already enjoy.”

If you are keen to try these yummilicious guilt-free Korean desserts and beverages, here are the store information:


Address: 68 Orchard Road #B2-60 Plaza Singapura Singapore 238839 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Email: info@kokopanda.kr | Facebook: KoKoPanda | Instagram: @KoKoPanda.kr

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