Kaiserhaus Brings Delicious Europe Gaming Season to Singapore

As Europe marks the beginning of traditional Game Season, Kaiserhaus, Singapore’s only restaurant serving up classic dishes from Central Europe will be bringing the delicious Europe Gaming Season to Singapore! Rolling it out for the first time, Executive Chef Hans Lüftenegger, has designed a menu that celebrates the natural, untainted exotic meats and the classic cooking techniques from Europe.  Join us as we bring you through the grand doors of the restaurant to experience the majestic splendour of the Habsburg Empire!


Every square inch of Kaiserhaus attempts to bring you back to the traditional Central Europe. Following an authentic architectural and conceptual expression of the era, no expense has been spared to give you a sense of enjoying a bite or a drink as one would in a café in the heart of Vienna, Prague or Budapest.


The dark wood tables, leather armchairs and chandeliers are reminiscent of the hallowed literary grounds. The grand winding staircase is the central focus of Kaiserhaus, open and regal, as a gesture of warm welcome and hospitality. What’s a European fare without beer and wine? We are starting ours with Craft Beer from the family-owned Hirter brewery, one of the world’s oldest and finest breweries.


Although we are here to sample the exotic game season menu, we could not resist sampling the renowned Tafelspitz. We were told that this dish is a firm favourite of Franz Josef I., the celebrated former Emperor of Austria- Hungary, is a gourmet beef dish made from two premium cuts of grain-fed beef – rump and oyster blade – simmered for hours and served in the traditional copper pot.


The combination of mixed root vegetables, bone marrow and Chef’s secret Kaiserhaus spices ensures the broth is rich with lots of hearty flavours. Tafelspitz is served alongside toasted rye bread, crispy Rösti potatoes, creamed spinach and spicy horseradish sauce. We followed the recommendation to spread the soft bone marrow over the bread but we did not really taste much.


That’s how your serving plate will look. We were not particularly impressed with the sides. The soup reminded us a little of Chinese double-boiled herbal soup and the flavours were so generously rich. Definitely, a must try for the soup.


We started the game menu official with the Venison Carpaccio ($25.00++). These thinly sliced venison loin paired with rocket and parmesan shavings was a refreshing lead in for the big game dishes. We can’t wait!


Alternatively, you may want to go for the Ungarische Entenleber / Hungarian Duck Liver ($25.00++) which consist of linguine in lemon butter sauce with sautéed duck liver, drizzled with a trifle of cranberry glace. While the linguine was nothing to shout about, we adore the duck liver. The taste exploded in our mouth like fireworks.


The first of our mains, Hirschsteak / Venison Steak ($42.00++) has 2 of our favourite ingredients – quality steak and yummilicious bacon. The steak from venison loin was wrapped around with bacon and served with Schupfnudeln, apple red cabbage and caramelised chestnuts.


Spotting a medium rare doneness, the steak exhibited a red hue without a bloody mess. We loved how the flavours from the bacon permutate the steak. The caramelised chestnuts made nice small bites for meal conversations.


The other option for the main was Wildragout / Game Stew ($32.00++). Comprising of deer shoulder served with dumplings and red cabbage, we have to warn you that this is as game as real game can get. You should be someone who can stomach the strong gamey taste.


We ended the game set with Edelkastanie / Sweet Chestnut ($15.00++) Chestnut parfait with chocolate sprinkles and marinated balsamic cherries.


We heard that the Apfelstrudel / Apple Strudel at Kaiserhaus was to die for and they were right. The Austrian pastry was baked to perfection with flakey crust and sweet apple slices that remained moist and crunchy. Yeah, we just died and went to Apple Strudel Heaven.


To walk off our meal, we explored the different levels of the restaurant. If you are seeking event space, Kaiserhaus offers several elegant private and semi-private spaces that make it the perfect venue for elegant corporate and more intimate events. The restaurant features two exquisite levels to hold seated or standing events, as well as a private room that seats up to 16 people, perfect for events requiring a boardroom set-up or even a birthday or anniversary meal. Menus, alongside the combination of space for events, are fully customisable.


The main dining area on level 2 accommodates up to 80 guests seated and 150 standing. The bar level on the third floor accommodates up to 45 seated and 75 standing. The entire venue can also be booked for exclusive use – with a total capacity of 143 guests seated or 225 for standing cocktails.


We were wowed by the Kaiserhaus Habsburg Empire experience. If you are keen to personally sample the exotic taste of fresh game, make your way to Kaiserhaus before 24 November 2016. You won’t be disappointed. Make your appointment by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ Button below!


Address: Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, #02-06 and 03-06 Singapore 178907 | Opening Hours: 10.30am – 11pm (Sun – Thurs) & 10.30am – 12mn (Fri – Sat) | Website: www.kaiserhaus.com.sg | Facebook: kaiserhaussg | Instagram: @kaiserhaus 

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