Where to Find S$12 Sumptuous Lunch Buffet in Singapore?

The promise of lunch buffet at only $12 (inclusive GST) per pax at a new restaurant called Irvin’s Live Seafood House saw me & my colleagues heading down to Jalan Leban for a hearty Friday lunch.

I was surprised to see the restaurant occupying half of what was previously Ivin’s Nyonya Specialities space.


They had an impressive lunch buffet menu that offers different dishes daily! They really took great pains to make sure that customers are never bored with their spread. You can check out what we had for lunch on 27 Apr below.


A beautiful centrepiece with starters like salad and finger food greeted us as we stepped into the restaurant. After the friendly waitress brought us to our table, we quickly scattered off to check out the spread.


Main staples like fried rice, fried noodles, plain rice & porridge were available as main fillers. My advice is to skip the first 3 and …


Go for the abalone porridge! For my Non-Chinese readers, abalone is considered an expensive auspicious treat that is usually taken only during the Lunar New Year. Abalone porridge at a $12 lunch buffet sounds unbelievable!


The porridge tasted sweet and had a really smooth texture. That probably came from hours of simmering with abalone broth. There were some chewy abalone like strips sighted. But we were not fully convinced that these were abalone, sounds too good to be true.


Their Seafood Broth was a must try too! Its flavourful from long hours of boiling with chicken, crab and other ingredients and had the starchy texture of shark fin soup.


These super yummy potato chips hid a sinful ingredient – salted egg yolk! The dish definitely test the skill of the cook. He needs to stir fry these fragile chips and make sure that they are evenly coated with salted egg yolk sauce. It’s such an innovative combination, I hope they have patented it!


Besides coating the chips, a large bowl of salted egg yolk sauce was also made available for another indulgence.


It’s for diners to dip their hot, crispy golden brown fried bun into! You have to try your best to block out thoughts on high cholesterol and weight issues when you bite into this heavenly union.


We loved their Butter Chicken too. Tender chicken meat fried till golden brown & coated with a layer of smooth butter. Why do sinful stuff all taste so good….


Below are some of the other dishes like Beef with Ginger, Five Flavoured Prawns, Deep Fried Crispy Pork Ribs and others that were served during the buffet.


There were 2 dessert options to choose from. I went for their Black Glutinous Rice Paste also known as Pulot Hitam. It has a light coconut milk fragrance so I assumed coconut milk has already been added. The sweetness was just right and each mouthful feels so comforting. I am guilty of wolfing down 3 bowls of this wonderful dessert.


The health conscious can opt for Cheng Teng which is believed to be able to get rid of humidity and “heatiness” of a person.


I strongly recommend all readers to check out their lunch buffet soon! Its super value for money. Hopefully go on a different day (mine’s on Friday) so that you can share your verdict on the other day’s menu with us via the comments section below. Here are the full details of the restaurant:

Ivrin Live Seafood Restaurant

Address: No 4 Jalan Leban, Upper Thomson Road, S(577548)

Tel: 6836 5020

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.irvins.com.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/irvinseafood

Check out their super cute video too:

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  1. Hi there,,

    thanks for the wonderful info. Now I can include that in my site (http://www.budgethotels.sg) so budget travelers have another option for cheap eats.

    But location is abit out of the way but anyway after getting stuffed on the buffet, they can enjoy the greenery of the nearby Lower Pierce Nature Trail.

  2. Nice! Thanks for this! Now I know where to bring my budget friends and I for lunch without going too deep in the pocket. Haha!

  3. I like how they are having Western Special day in menu 🙂


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