ION Orchard Restaurants Create Exclusive Gastronomic Delights

Foodies can gear up for a journey of gastronomic discovery with ION Orchard Culinary Creations 2015, a new gourmet season introduced by ION Orchard to add a dash of joie de vivre to your dining experience. Six well-loved restaurants within ION Orchard have each created a dish exclusive to visitors to ION Orchard starting from 10 September.

ION Orchard Culinary Creations follows in the footsteps of the ION Orchard Food Trail that was launched in 2013. Targeted mainly at tourists, the Food Trail is a sampling tour comprising local delights such as ba-kwa, teh terik, kaya toast and many others from 10 participating outlets in the mall. Shoppers will have an opportunity to sample these amazing dishes at the ION Orchard Link on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 September to 25 October, 3 to 6pm.

1. Hor Mok Talay by Nara Thai (B3-21) – $14.90

This authentic Thai otah is completely hand-made and richly seasoned with Thai herbs and flavorings like lemongrass and kaffir lime. Executive Chef Roy Ng prepares the otah paste using generous chunks of fish and squid before wrapping it with a banana leaf to seal in the flavours. The Hor Mok Talay is then slowly grilled to perfection until the essence of the seafood is released and absorbed within the banana leaf parcel.  The result is smoky, succulent and chunky otah that is redolent of traditional Thailand.

2. Chả Cá Lã Vọng by Wrap & Roll (B3-19) – $14.90

A popular traditional dish from Hanoi, the Chả Cá Lã Vọng dates back to over a century and even has a street named after it.  Fresh Vietnamese catfish is seasoned overnight with turmeric then grilled and pan-fried with generous servings of dill and spring onions. Founder Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh plates the dish in a sizzling hot plate with rice vermicelli, herbs, crackers to accompany the fish.  Complete the dish with a choice of Wrap & Roll’s specialty chilli or fish sauce that will accentuate the taste of Vietnam.

3. Egg Confit by Saveur Art (#04-11) – $10.00

Simplicity is the key for this starter and Chef Tyler Lai focused his creation by using easily available quality ingredients.  Made to emphasize simplicity, coupled with an admiration for texture, his approach is to provide a humble yet satisfying-to-the-palate dish, without losing respect for the ingredients.  To lend a touch of elegance, he recommends serving it with freshly shaved truffles.

4. Prosciutto Wrapped Atlantic Halibut by The Marmalade Pantry (#03-22/28 to 34) – $28.00

This dish is inspired by the ideals embraced at The Marmalade Pantry – made with fresh ingredients, prepared and presented in a contemporary and elegant touch and fun to eat.  Head Chef Randy Torres starts by lightly searing the prosciutto wrapped Atlantic halibut simmered in butter.  Gremolata prepared with fresh herbs, capers, lemon zest and parsnip puree accentuates the freshness of the fish, and a base of fluffy foam made of saffron espuma completes the dish.

5. Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon with Soy Milk (豆浆米粉) by PUTIEN (#04-12) – $7.90

A traditional PUTIEN delight, the Heng Hwa Bee Hoon is made of hand-milled flour to ensure its translucent, fine texture and original flavour.  Executive Chef Billy Li Wenbo then simmers the noodles with eggs in the natural goodness of fresh soy milk.  The wholesome dish is then topped with bean sprouts, seaweed and peanuts.

6. Prestige Wagyu Assortment by Magosaburo (#04-11A, #05-01) – $328.00

Magosaburo’s Prestige Wagyu Assortment is a luxurious treat that beef lovers will find irresistible.  Each platter features two types of wagyu – Kobe and Miyazaki CHampoint – and comprises three different cuts from five parts of the cow. Chef Takahiro Okuzaki shared the difference between the two types of beef – Kobe beef is a harmony of delicate, sweet lean meat and fragrant melt-in-your-mouth fat, while the Miyazaki Champion beef is best known for its cherry-red colour, velvety texture, juiciness and delicate but rich flavour that lingers on the palate.

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