iclub Sheung Wan Hotel – Value For Money Space, Fun & Convenience In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of Singaporeans’ favourite destinations for a short weekend getaway. We love the delicious food, glorious shopping and (yeah, we all secretly wish Singapore can sport) the unique double-decker tram. But when it comes to hotels in dim sum heaven, many of us lament about the high accommodation cost and the size of the room that comes with it. Surprisingly, we managed to stumble upon a gem of a stay for our most recent trip to Hong Kong. iclub Sheung Wan – a no-frills, value for money hotel smacked right in the elegant, exotic and hip old neighbourhood of Sheung Wan.

1. Unbelievability Easy To Get To

Why pay hefty airport transport when you can reserve your money for food and shopping? After you check out from Hong Kong International Airport, take the airport express to Hong Kong Station (around 24 minutes). With your airport express pass, take the free shuttle bus H1 which service the Western Districts route and you will reach iclub Sheung Wan within 10 minutes. Checking in was a breeze and the staff are friendly, efficient and really well-versed with the nearby local food scene. We were glad we consulted them on the well-known food places before we went up to our room.


2. Seamless Connectivity 

An important element in travel would be convenient access to a fast wifi connection. iclub Sheung Wan offered us seamless connectivity, the moment we check in! Other than the usual complimentary Wi-Fi access in all guestrooms and public area in the hotel, we were given a complimentary portable Wi-Fi service because we booked directly through www.iclub-hotels.com.

The portable Wi-Fi at iclub’s Service Desk was picked up when we checked in for our rooms. It is an ultra-light 4G LTE portable Wi-Fi (only 82g, including battery) which offers unlimited local data usage making it perfect for group and business travellers as it can support up to 10 devices at a time.


3. Rooms With Generous Space

Unlike most of the hotels in Hong Kong, we were pleasantly surprised by the generous amount of space in iclub Sheung Wan rooms. The main bedroom was bright and spacious with loads of room for movement.

Our iSuite Room has its own living room with sofas that

magically transforms to 2 additional single beds in the evening! The arrangement is great for a small family or friends travelling together. Plus there are two bathrooms so there is no need to fuss over who goes first.

For some of the smaller rooms, iclub Sheung Wan also thoughtfully included convenient luggage spaces underneath the bed that you can pull out with ease. Talk about innovation!

We marvelled at their iResidence Rooms. Upon entering the Master Door, iResidence offer two ensuite bedrooms, a spacious living area and three individual bathrooms. That would be great for larger families and couples who travel together.

4. A View To Wake Up And Fall Asleep To

We cannot stress this enough. When you make your reservations at iclub Sheung Wan, you must request a high floor because the view from their rooms are amazing! There are basically two panoramic views that you can select from – the Victoria Harbour or the city skyline against The Peak in the background. We love waking up to these stunning views every morning. We shall leave the romantic night view of million of city lights sparkling against the mountain backdrop for your imagination. Get a bottle of wine because you would love to just sit by your windows and take in the view before you sleep.

5. Location, Location, Location

iclub Sheung Wan is strategically located to help us make the best out of Hong Kong with the least amount of time and money wasted on travelling between attractions. Located just walking distance to the Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal, iclub Sheung Wan makes a great base for a day trip to Macau. You can reach the terminal early to beat the crowd and still have time to grab a decent breakfast before you take the ferry.

The hotel is just minutes away from Sheung Wan Station which connects us conveniently to any parts of Hong Kong. We also loved how we can save on midnight cab fares by just walking back from Lan Kwai Fong in Central after a night of revelry.

6. Soak In The Local Culture Instantaneously 

There’s no escaping the authentic buzzing local scene the moment you step off your H1 bus from the airport. iclub Sheung Wan’s neighbourhood offers an eclectic blend of shopping experiences that is dominated by traditional Chinese beliefs and businesses.

We recommend that you reserve your last day at Hong Kong to explore the hotel’s surrounding. Start with the historic Western Market which offers an array of handicraft shops nestled inside an Edwardian-style mall. Venture east of the market and you will chance upon Cat Street which is filled with antique shops and curios. Then make your way to check out Dried Seafood Street, Wing Lok Street and Bonham Strand West where locals head to purchase dried abalone, scallops and other traditional products for soups and tonics. Koh Shing Street showcases the ancient practice of Chinese medicine in action.

Then make your way to check out Dried Seafood Street, Wing Lok Street and Bonham Strand West where locals head to purchase dried abalone, scallops and other traditional products for soups and tonics. Koh Shing Street showcases the ancient practice of Chinese medicine in action.


7. Great Eats Within Walking Distance

Making meal plans at iclub Sheung Wan was tough as there were simply too many great eats located in its vicinity. If you stay at iclub and do not make a visit to the historical Hoi On Cafe (first opened in 1952), we are going to digitally smack you! Just 5 minutes walking distance away from the hotel, Hoi On is a quaint cha chaan teng serving old fashion Hong Kong style breakfast. “Hoi On” literally means “sea safe” in Cantonese, a phrase that’s used to wish people safe return from sea fairing voyages.

For folks who are catching a ferry to Macau, you must experience Hong Kong’s oldest and probably most famous cha chaan teng at their Shun Tak Centre branch before you take the ferry. They are famous for their pork chop buns and silk stocking milk tea.

Looking for something lighter? Sang Kee Congee Shop is just within 10 minutes walk for one of Hong Kong’s best congees. After which, you can just walk an additional 5 minutes to Jenny Bakery for those famous biscuits for relatives and friends in Singapore.

If you are thirsty for some Dim Sum, simply take a quick tram ride to Yum Cha @ Central for Hong Kong’s most instagrammable Dim Sum. Their signature are the Baked Pineapple Puffs in the shape of canaries and interestingly presented in a steel birdcage!

8. Keeping It Simple & Cheap

Hong Kong is so packed with great food and fun attractions that most of the time we are hardly at the hotel. The good folks at iclub Sheung Wan are aware and strive to keep things simple and more importantly cheap for travellers like us. Light breakfast consisting of pastries, yoghurt, fruits and premium coffee and tea is provided but not charged.

The unnecessary cost of bell boy service (doesn’t it feels uncomfortable to have someone dragging your luggage for you?) and pool (we don’t even have enough time for shopping and sightseeing, let alone dip in the pool) are removed to keep the bill affordable. But essential communal spaces and fitness spots are made available for lifestyle and healthy conscious travellers. You only pay for what you need.

Overall, we love our stay at iclub Sheung Wan. It offered us more space, fun and convenience without the hefty price tag. Here’s the full information on the hotel:

iclub Sheung Wan 

Address: 138 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 3963 6388 | Email: [email protected] Website: iclub Sheung Wan | Facebook: iclub Sheung Wan Hotel | Instagram: @iclub_hotels

Do remember to book with them direct on their website to enjoy the complimentary portable Wi-Fi service and request for a high floor with a view. Enjoy your stay in Hong Kong at iclub Sheung Wan!

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