25 Hot Singapore Hunks To Follow On Instagram (October 2015)

Given the popularity of our 25 Hot Singapore Girls To Follow On Instagram (October 2015), we reckon we ought to be fair to both sexes and come up with our list of the 25 Hot Singapore Hunks To Follow On Instagram (October 2015) too. We aren’t too sure how this list will fare with the ladies (Well, we hope it does. Unlike ladies, it takes a lot to find hot guys with both the looks and physiques.). Here’s to our Singapore ladies, follow these hunkalicious Instagram profiles and fill your feed with hot Singapore men. Happy ‘gramming!

1. Hot Singapore Hunks – @hongfoo

A post shared by HONG FOO💋 (@hongfoo) on

2. @guyinpink

A post shared by Aaron (@guyinpink) on

3. @nickonetwothree

A post shared by Nick Wan (@nickonetwothree) on

4. @pressonpreston

5. Hot Singapore Hunks – @johnkhoo81

A post shared by JoHnCoOl (@johnkhoo81) on

6. @darrenthelim

A post shared by Darren Lim (@darrenthelim) on

7. @swimpsj

8. @canizares1987

A post shared by Ng Ze Yuan (@canizares1987) on

9. @joeeetan

A post shared by Joel (@joeeetan) on

10. Hot Singapore Hunks – @eugenetzw

A post shared by Eugene (@eugenetzw) on

11. @jakefever

A post shared by Jake cheng (@jakefever) on

12. @geraldbites

A post shared by gerald. (@geraldbites) on

13. @fluttersyai

A post shared by SYA (@fluttersyai) on

14. @clementisaiah

A post shared by Clement Lim (@clementisaiah) on

15. @brandonwcooi

16. @kennethseet

A post shared by Kenneth Seet (@kennethseet) on

17. @russong

A post shared by Russell Ong (@russong) on

18. @pwwh__

A post shared by PAUL WONG (@pwwh__) on

19. @minghanzoomo

New haircut! #tgif #lean #hotbods #selfie #addicted

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20. @jasperlee27

21. @jonathancventura

22. @tylerlimqj

23. @dwayne.yawned

24. @_yaops_

25.  @gordansuperboyyy

We are sorry if we left out many other hot Singapore Instagrammers. There is always to the next month to be featured. Girls, do let us know other suggestions in the comments section below

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  1. Keep a lookout for @benningtonsoon and @taufiqcorvin

  2. Got one hot guy from Singapore im following on Instagram that should be in the list!!!! His IG is @silveron!! Nice face hot bod and talented!

  3. How can you all miss out @kelvng and @tslclement ?!

  4. This would be more appropriately titled “25 hot Singaporean CHINESE hunks to follow on instagram for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN”
    The absence of non-Chinese men here is totally disconcerting, not to mention that a good portion of the men above aren’t into women either (Nothing against gay men). So the next time an article like this begs to be published, please, for the ladies sake (after all, this IS for the ladies right?), have variety and relevance.

    • Michelle

      homophobia alert. how do you know some of them are not straight? doesn’t mean that any one of them refuse to sleep with you makes them gay, u slut

      • Whatever photos are shown in their IG are too obvious to not know they are not straight.
        I see nothing related to homophobia based on @REBEKAH post. :/

        • The title of this post is 25 Hot Singapore Hunks To Follow On Instagram and not talking about straight or gays. When she insist this article is just for ladies than its equivalent to not want gays enjoy looking at this article which also means homophobia.

  5. First one, Hong Foo is from Malaysia. A Malaysian working in Singapore.
    @jhwphay from Hong Kong.


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