Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018 Promises Largest 10th Edition Ever

Proudly presented by Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), the CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018 has matured into its 10th edition this October. To celebrate the event’s 10th birthday, the HKTB will be going all out to infuse fun party elements and showcase the largest-ever Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival. If you are heading over to Hong Kong in October, be prepared to be part of an unforgettable four-day wine and dine party for locals and visitors alike!

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018 will be held from 25 to 28 October 2018. To make it the largest edition ever, the organisers will be extending its reach from Central Harbourfront Event Space to Tamar Park which will make it 20% larger than last year’s. There will also be about 450 booths serving fine wines and exquisite food which is over 10% more than last year as well. The event highlights are as follows:

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018 – “10-Michelin-starred Dinner” @ “Tasting Room”

Five Michelin-starred chefs from the Mainland and overseas are coming to Hong Kong to jointly present the”10-Michelin-starred Dinner” in the “Tasting Room”. The five visiting master chefs, who have been awarded a total of 8 Michelin stars, will collaborate with two renowned Hong Kong chefs from one-Michelin-starred restaurants Man Wah and Mandarin Grill + Bar to concoct a highly anticipated wine pairing banquet with eight courses, fusing Chinese, Thai and French elements. Four overseas master chefs even visited Hong Kong earlier for inspiration for the banquet.

The five visiting celebrity chefs are:

  1. World-renowned French Chef Pierre Gagnaire of “Pierre”, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong;
  2. Chef Bee Satongun of “Paste Bangkok”, a one-Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok. She was also named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2018 by “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants”;
  3. Chef Lin Cheng Ching, Chinese Executive Chef of “The Guest House”, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Taiwan;
  4. Chef Kentaro Chen, Executive Chef of “Shisen Hanten”, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Singapore; and
  5. Chef George Chen of “Wujie”, a one-Michelin-starred restaurant in The Bund, Shanghai.

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018 – Limited 10th Edition

Every year, new elements are introduced into the Festival, and this year is no exception. The Festival aims to offer surprises in both its wine and food selections. Wine lovers will be impressed by the “Wine & Dine 10th  Edition Specials” and “2009 Vintage”. These two not-to-be-missed exclusive series are available only this year. Featured items include:

  • “Wine & Dine 10th Edition Specials”: Happy 啤 Day (pronounced “Happy Birthday”) (chocolate imperial stout, aged in bourbon and brandy barrels) and Favilla fuji (Baileys Chocolat luxe). The interesting and glamorous packages and appearance of these products will certainly capture attention.
  • “2009 Vintage”: This commemorative series, dating back to the founding year of the Wine and Dine Festival, includes selections from Robert Parker’s 100-Point red wines.

As for dining, two newly introduced zones, “International Street Eats” and “Coffee Fiesta” will bring new sensations to your taste buds. They feature special delicacies including:

  • “International Street Eats”: This zone offers the latest gourmet sensations introduced to Hong Kong, including Jiu-Wu Beef Noodle from Taiwan and local delicacies from seven regions, including Korea, Europe and Latin America, bringing tastes from all over the world to your table.
  • “Coffee Fiesta”: This zone gathers some of the most famous coffee and pastry shops in the city, such as Coco Espresso, by a champion barista; Say Hey Bakery, the award-winning baker; and celebrity dessert shop Alice Wild Luscious, guaranteeing event participants wonderful delicacies alongside fabulous wine-tasting experiences.

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018 – Perfect 10 Passport

A new “Perfect 10 Passport” will be introduced this year to encourage visitors to experience various wonderful food and wine combinations. In addition to wine tokens, food tokens will be included in the Perfect 10 Passport to inspire guests to explore creative wine pairing options with family and friends. The Perfect 10 Passport will include a welcome drink and a 10th edition limited wine glass, a worthy addition to the collection of every wine connoisseur.

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018 – Over $1 million worth of gifts!

No birthday party is complete without live performances and birthday presents. During the four-day event, musicians and buskers will perform at the venue, and there will be live music performances each evening on the main stage. There will also be game sessions every day, with prizes including air tickets, wines, gourmet food and wine tokens, valued at over $1 million.

Check out the HKTB Wine & Dine Festival 2018 video below!

For full details, please visit the HKTB website: www.discoverhongkong.com/winedinefestival/

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