Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement Explained

Hogwarts Legacy follows the timeline before Harry Potter and crew was even alive, and while some features are relatively new to the game, most details have not changed from the original story. One such mechanic you can encounter in Hogwarts Legacy is the Room of Requirement. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you would instantly recognize the Room of Requirement and what it does, but if you are new to the wizarding world, then you need not worry, as this article will cover all that is there to know about the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy – What Does the Room of Requirement Do in the Game

The Room of Requirement is as the name implies, a room where all your requirements are met. The space allocated can house anything, from furniture to crafting areas, and even a shelter for all the magical beasts you will encounter in the game. The Room of Requirement is your haven; you can customize it however you wish.

How to Customize the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you get access to the room, you can add or remove furniture, change the walls and ceiling, and even change the size of the objects you wish to add. Initially, the size of the room will be small, but as you progress through the game you can increase the size to accommodate more items and equipment. To unlock more furniture and decoration, you need to get more Conjuration Recipes, as well as the resources to craft the item. You can purchase Conjuration Recipes from the Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade, or get them by completing tasks around the school and beyond. 

What Equipment can The Room of Requirement have in Hogwarts Legacy?

Besides customizing your room, you can also come to the Room of Requirement to craft potions and use the loom to upgrade your gear. There is even a gardening section where special herbs can be planted and grown to help you with potion crafting and spells. If you have a gear that you need to know the stats and attributes of, you can place an identifying station here to do the job. You can unlock the equipment by doing certain quests in the game, and only then it can be placed in the Room of Requirement. 

Does the Room of Requirement have a Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy?

While exploring the open world of Hogwarts Legacy, you will encounter magical beasts you can take with you. These beasts can help you gather resources for crafting, so it will help to keep them somewhere safe. The Room of Requirement offers a Vivarium, which acts as a safe house for these beasts. You can customize the Vivarium to add toys, and landscapes, and change structures and monuments. The Room of Requirement will also offer different biomes for all the different creatures you will bring home, and each of the biomes will have a separate entrance to access them. All biomes can be customized as you see fit for their needs.

As for how to access the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy, it is currently unknown where to find it, but once the game is out, witches and wizards alike can access the room whenever they can. Hogwarts Legacy will be released on 10th February 2023, across all platforms.

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