Harbour City Invites All To Celebrate Christmas Together, Hong Kong

Harbour City’s annual outdoor Christmas lighting display is one of the Hong Kong’s must-see attractions and the festive reason for both locals and tourists to celebrate Christmas with their family and friends together. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Harbour City set up outdoor Christmas lighting display and launched an online campaign with the theme of “Christmas Together” this Christmas season. Everyone is invited to bring along their family and friends to enjoy the festive season together in Harbour City!


1. Christmas Party of Snowie

This year, Harbour City invites you to join the “Christmas Party of Snowie” from 10 November 2016 to 2 January 2017 to celebrate Christmas together with your loved ones at the Ocean Terminal Forecourt of Harbour City. “Snowie” is a combination of two big snowballs with 32 different designs in colours and patterns. More than 150 large and small Snowie in different designs are joining the Christmas Party, each design is hidden with a “Secret Code” from 0 to 31. You can find the designated snowie and take photos to create your own “Snowie code”.


In the centre of the forecourt, there will be a stunning 12-meter-tall Christmas tree made from different sized Snowie; also you can find a large carousel and a specially designed Christmas light tree to create a warm and delightful ambience. Christmas pigeons also bring various blessings from all over the world to Harbour City’s Snowie and you can see the messages on their “neck cushion”. Come and make your own “Snowie code” to your loved ones!


The party of Snowie will also be extended from the forecourt to the staircases of the Ocean Terminal main entrance. A few pairs of Snowie are happily seated on the flying swing at the ceiling of the staircase and enjoying the Christmas scene of Victoria Harbour and Harbour City. Both sides of the staircases are covered with different shapes of lamps and fun mirrors to create a dreamy and festive ambience.


Christmas Together @Harbour City – Details

Date: 11 November 2016 to 2 January 2017 | Time: 10am – 10pm | Venue: Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Harbour City


2. “Throwback Christmas Memories” @ Harbour City

Harbour City’s outdoor Christmas decoration is the top “check-in” location every year. Ocean Terminal already has 50 years of history, and this year we also hit the trend by organising a “crowdfunding” event to gather photos from online. We hope that through the power of the Internet, we can collect old Harbour City Christmas photos from past years in order to complete Harbour City’s half a century photo album.


You can upload your #Throwbackxmas @Harbourcity photos to their online album, from 10 November to 31 December 2016 and we will reward the best photos submitted each week. After the collecting event, the selected “best photos from the past 50 years” will be used to create a limited edition Harbour City’s Christmas album to raise funds for Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation.


3. “Santa is Everywhere” @ Harbour City

Finland is the hometown of Santa Claus. Harbour City collaborates with the Finnish illustrator Rami Niemi this year to use “Santa is Everywhere” as the theme of the indoor Christmas decorations of Harbour City and created a series of modern Santa Claus which are different from the traditional image.


Rami is keen in illustration with thick black lines and fun colours to depict humorous characters in life. He believes that Santa Claus in 2016 can wear a suit or shorts, use e-mail to receive the wishes of the children, then send the gifts by courier. Rami Niemi also designed a Christmas deer rocket placed in Gateway Arcade of Harbour City to bring you a Christmas filled with fun and joy!

“Santa is Everywhere” @ Harbour City

Date: 1 December 2016 to 2 January 2017 | Time: 10 am to 10 pm | Venue: Atrium II, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City & Atrium, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City

4. Limited Edition Dream Big Fly High 2017 Desktop Calendar

Harbour City will launch a limited edition “Dream Big Fly High” 2017 desktop calendar. The design of the calendar is created by Finnish illustrator Rami Niemi, who specially designed cartoon characters representing different inspirations of dreams for each month, like “Courage” for January and “Faith” for February.

Rami hopes everyone can have these positive energies throughout the whole year. The calendar will also come with 6 small balloons which encourage everyone to dream big and fly high in the New Year!


All proceeds of the charity sale will be donated to the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation for those in need. This Christmas gift will not only be perfect for your personal use, but also for friends and family.

Redemption Details:

Date: 16 – 27 December 2016 | Time: 12pm – 10pm | Location: Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City (near J. Lindeberg, shop GW2338-2339)

Redemption Method: By same-day electronic spending of HK$1,000 or above at any outlets in Harbour City and donating HK$40 towards the “Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation”, customers can redeem ONE limited edition Calendar upon presentation of computer printed receipts from outlets and corresponding electronic payment slip (each receipt should be HK$200 or above, maximum 2 receipts from 2 different outlets). Limited quantity while stock lasts.

Make this Christmas special! Bring your loved ones to celebrate Christmas Together at Hong Kong Harbour City.


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