4 Easy Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you know all too well the power that is having a following on Instagram. Instagram can reach across cultures, languages, and countries and take your business from a start-up to international success. The platform had roughly one billion users in 2020, and that number will only continue to grow. Instagram fuels sales through likes and follows, shares, direct purchases, and cross campaigning with other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

There are many different ways to grow your Instagram following. Several of them include simple changes and additions to your existing account, and the others can involve bringing in fresh new faces and ideas, as well as companies designed to take the work out of this growth and take it on for you.

Build It and They Will Come

Building a solid account can help you grow your Instagram followers. It is not complicated and will not take more time than you currently spend on your social media accounts. Below are four easy and quick ways to get your numbers increasing.

  • Make the most of your bio URL.
  • Use industry-specific hashtags.
  • Cross-market your hashtag with other Instagram profiles and influencers.
  • Utilize companies whose business is organically growing Instagram followers.

Using Your URL to Your Advantage

The bio space on your profile is prime real estate. Do not let it go to waste. Make sure you are not just using it to showcase your website home address. That is so boring and is doing nothing to help you grow followers. Change it up bi-weekly. Drive traffic to the content you are creating on other platforms like your YouTube or blog. It can link to what you are working on trending at the moment. Keep it fresh to keep your current followers engaged and new followers interested in sticking around to see what you will be up to next.

Industry-Specific Hashtags as a Link

Do some research into like-minded accounts for yours and businesses in the same industry. There are usually similar hashtags being used by those in the same industry. By using them in your posts, you increase the likelihood that users will find you. Whether they are searching by hashtag or the algorithm in the platform is feeding them similar accounts, these hashtags can bring new users to your Instagram profile and be an easy way to grow followers. It may take a little bit of time on your part to research some accounts, but once you have a list of these commonly used hashtags, you can continue posting, as usual, adding these industry hashtags.

Cross-marketing is Key

An easy way to gain new followers is to cross-market yourself and your account with influencers and other businesses on Instagram. An influencer who uses and mentions your product or service is a free way to see the drive to your account increase. The same goes for businesses that offer slightly different goods or services in your industry. For example, if you are a local coffee shop, cross-market with a local bookstore. Use the same hashtags, run contests for gift cards and merchandise. An online personal trainer could cross-market with someone who offers online nutrition programming. Joining forces can be beneficial to both of you and help you grow Instagram followers.

Let Someone Else Do the Work for You

Another easy way to grow Instagram followers is to work with a company whose business is to organically grow your following. One such site is PathSocial. Their goal is to take the target demographic you give them, grab that demographics’ attention, and deliver you with quality followers. They work with all different types of businesses and accounts and may make a big difference in the quality and number of followers you have to your profile. Remember to keep adapting, staying dynamic, and creating amazing content and the followers will come.

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