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At GROUNDTRUTH, they care about people, the planet and performance. They innovate new materials and design technical and contemporary everyday use products that directly remove plastic waste from our natural environment. All of the GROUNDTRUTH products are made from 100% recycled materials and are made in a bluesign approved manufacturers – ensuring the highest standards for their workers and the environment. They also offset their entire carbon footprint.


GROUNDTRUTH was founded in 2017 by sisters Georgia, Sophia and Nina Scott who share a lifetime of travel experience. Through their work as documentary filmmakers, Georgia and Sophia looked to design products they could rely on in both demanding destinations and the urban environment. Together with sister Nina, a technical fabrics specialist, they created GROUNDTRUTH.

Truth and authenticity are at the core of GROUNDTRUTH and the company is run in a way that helps towards protecting our planet rather than destroying it. Together they have worked to realise this vision, drawing together their diverse skill sets to create a progressive, sustainable company and a unique range of products.

The environment is at the heart of GROUNDTRUTH but design is at their core. The foundations of the design ethos is functionality and technology – they trialled and tested every product for style, function and their newly innovated materials and components.

They have developed innovative features in response to the real-world travel experience. With modular compartments, multiple pockets and convenient access points – their designs offer a refined, resilient and secure way to carry all your essential equipment.

GROUNDTRUTH – From The City Into Nature

One of their key objectives is that GROUNDTRUTH products never end up in a landfill. They are in the process of setting up regional projects where customers give their old backpacks and they donate them to community projects for disadvantaged school children to use. They also use all of the offcuts from manufacturing to create their smaller items such as the RIKR cardholder.

In every aspect of business, they strive to be truly climate positive. They are continuously working towards building GROUNDTRUTH as a global sustainable brand and as a trusted company in the advancement of materials created from polluting substances.

Their main focus is on the future and what technology and inventions they can use, what people they can partner with and what sustainable ideas they can make happen through scalable projects, collaborations and manufacturing.

GROUNDTRUTH – The Rikr Range & More

Durable, multifunctional and made from 100% recycled plastic, the RIKR range streamlines and simplifies every journey. Field-tested with polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan in Norway and Antarctica.

“If recycled plastic bottles can be made into something that can survive these conditions – no one can ever doubt the durability of GROUNDTRUTH.” ROBERT SWAN Explorer and Environmentalist Founder, 2041

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