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Griglia Singapore: Italian Charcoal Grill In The Heart Of Craig Road

Griglia Open Fire Italian Kitchen stands apart from the usual Italian restaurant experience. Inspired by grigliata, an Italian summertime tradition of cooking over a flaming grill, Griglia Singapore prides itself on serving sharing-style dishes atop quaint hand-crafted Mediterranean plates. Since its successful start in 2021, seasoned Executive Chef Andrea De Paola digs deep into his Napoli heritage to curate a refreshed menu honouring the different regions and flavours unique to Italy.

Upon entering Griglia, the atmosphere is homely and inviting, yet elegantly intimate; plush leather seats and tastefully patterned tiles are complemented by soft lighting. Warm wood finishes and bottles of wine line the exposed brick wall of the restaurant. A heady, smoky  aroma comes from the heart of the restaurant, where a custom-made charcoal grill takes centre stage in the open kitchen. With most of the main courses expertly seared to perfection atop the natural heat, the very essence of an Italian summer barbecue comes alive.

The updated menu opens with its newest addition: eight finger-food snacks designed to highlight the elemental flavours of Italian cuisine with an experimental twist. Known in Italian as Cicchetti (pronounced chi-ket-tee), a Venetian variation of tapas that are traditionally eaten whilst standing, the starters invite you to an informal cutlery-free experience to kick-start their evening. The Marinated Olives steeped in Martini vermouth and infused with aromatic Italian herbs, with a touch of fiery Calabrese chilli, make for an appetising medley of flavours. The unusual combination of Smoked Eel on a toasted, buttery brioche, is complemented by a fresh sharp kick from horseradish and the salty, tangy burst of trout roe.

Crowd favourites make a reappearance with the five selections inspired by the garden, four from the land, and four fresh offerings from the sea. Continued highlights include grilled Rustic Bread, served alongside a piquant and sweet tomato sauce made from Piennolo tomatoes from Naples, Chef Andrea’s native city, and Apulian extra virgin olive oil. The menu also offers unusual elements such as Bone Marrow, served in its bone slab with a delightfully crisp parmesan crust on top, and paired with a sliced radish and salsa verde crostini.

The sea offers a wonder of fresh indulgence, including a savoury Charcoal Grilled Fusilli with succulently sliced octopus that bursts with flavour from a Nduja dressing (a spicy, spreadable pork salami). Delightful smokiness wafts from the fusilli as the entire pasta medley is gently grilled over the open flame, adding a touch of uniqueness to the dish. A long-time favourite is Griglia’s Homemade Pappardelle pasta; enveloped in a fragrant Chianti-infused red sauce, delightfully textured with braised pork jowl and crispy guanciale.

As the evening gathers momentum, Griglia dishes out a plethora of meat from its Open Fire Grill section. An impressive cut of Wagyu Beef Tomahawk MBS 4-5 takes centre stage on the new menu, deliciously seared to your preference on the charcoal grill.

New additions also include an exciting Suckling Pig Porchetta, an Italian classic with crackly skin, and a Spiced Coastal Spring Lamb Rack, seasoned with a spice blend made from ten different spices, a comfortable sharing plate for two. Fresh favourites include a newly-added succulent and buttery smooth Whole Mediterranean Seabass that is carefully grilled over the fire, and a Spanish Turbot, stuffed with fresh slices of lemons and herbs, continues to grace the grill menu. The customised open island offers you the opportunity to watch the meat flambé, as a cheerful. The bell ring announces a fresh grill making its way to tables, marrying conviviality with authentic Italian hospitality.

Griglia’s beverage selection features an extensive array of drinks that are designed to pair perfectly with the diverse grigliataflavours. Choose from an impressive range of 200 bottled fine wines, including 124 Red, White and Sweet wines originating from Italian vineyards in regions such as Sicily, Tuscany and Apulia. For lighter selections, Griglia offers 10 house selections by the glass, served in 125ml and 375ml pours. Further awaken the palate with refreshing cocktails like the sophisticated Negroni, a bitter sweet blend boasting a deeper layer of complexity from house-infused herbs and botanicals such as rosemary, cocoa and chilli. You can enjoy the art of pairing drinks with their food, with warm and friendly guidance from Panneer, Griglia’s expert Sommelier.

A warm Italian summer evening ends perfectly with desserts around the table. For coffee enthusiasts, the Cappuccinomisu is a thoughtfully crafted marriage of traditional tiramisu and the beloved Italian cappuccino; luscious buffalo mascarpone is infused with the richness of port wine, and topped off with a fluffy cappuccino foam. Or you can opt for a more refreshing finish with Capri in a cake, a naturally gluten-free, soft, Italian sweet cake with an intense lemon curd, made from a rich limoncello and fresh Amalfi lemon juice, paired with a cold, creamy vanilla gelato that sits delicately on the side; each bite brings a tart delight.

Sharing how every dish is reminiscent of a region in Italy, Chef Andrea De Paolo quips, “The Pappardelle is a tribute to the flavours of Tuscany, and the Piennolo tomatoes are from my hometown in Italy, Naples – grown on mineral rich land, which gives them such a sweet and juicy taste, perfect for a sauce. Similarly, we use lemons from Amalfi, as they are sweeter and more aromatic. The entire menu is a love letter to Italy. Grigliata is when people all come together for a barbecue in the Italian summer, and they bring their own dishes, and everyone ends up able to try everything on the table. This is the experience we want our guests to have when they come to Griglia.”

Whether seeking a lively gathering place with friends and family, or to spend special occasions, Griglia’s open-fire grill brings forth the essence of Italian summers, forging a beautifully intimate and communal experience for those who seek an unforgettable culinary journey.

For further information, please visit Griglia Open Fire Italian Kitchen. Reservations can be made via this link here.

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