#GET2GETHER At W Singapore Sentosa Cove Awesome Poolside Party

I am never a pool party person… I hate the sun and I don’t exactly have the body to flaunt. Plus I always feel that I am a bit too old for such parties. However, after much nudging from Gene and my mentor Adrian, I decided to give W Hotel Singapore’s 2nd Anniversary Poolside Party on 19 October a go and treat it like a #get2gether session with them and other bloggers. On hindsight, I am really glad that I went. W Hotel Singapore throws some of the best poolside parties in Singapore and I am their latest convert now! Folks were already frolicking in the gorgeous waters when we reached at 3pm.

Pool Party Games At W Hotel Singapore Pool Party - AspirantSG

Our lovely host – Gene quickly got us settled down in a nice cozy corner with lots of action and free flow champagne! Cheers to that!

AspirantSG With Gene, Marketing Communications Director W Hotel Singapore
A long overdue #GET2GETHER with SuperAdrianMe & HPility!

SuperAdrianMe, HPility & AspirantSG - AspirantSG

With the free flow champagne, it did not take long for us to turn wacky! Thrilled to catch up with OnlyWilliamFashrealm & Wilson too.

Bloggers Group Photos At W Singapore #Get2Gether Poolside Party - AspirantSG

I broke away from the group to get a short break from the champagne and catch more of the beautiful people at the party.

Hair Salon Ladies At W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG

Fancy a haircut anyone? Amplifying the party experience, you can also get inked at the pop up tattoo parlours surrounded by the beats of W Singapore’s music curator, DJ Mr. Has, DJ Oliver Osborne (UK) and DJ Patrick Oliver (US). 

Sailor - AspirantSG

The party went from great to totally awesome when The Cuban Brothers made their grand appearance with legendary performances incorporate riotous comedy, jaw- dropping breakdance moves and great funk, hip hop and soul music. Described as “a seriously A-List act” by The Guardian newspaper (UK), The Cuban Brothers not only entertain at celebrity parties hosted by Elton John, Richard Branson, Damien Hirst and Robbie Williams, they are worldwide festival favourites playing at main stages to over 20,000 partygoers. To witness and survive a Cuban Brothers show is truly unforgettable.

Cuba Brothers Performance At W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG

All guest were also treated to a fashion show by K.BLU. Founder and creative director Lyn Rosmarin of K.BLU launched the brand in 2014 after realising a dearth of smaller-sized, fashionable swimwear that accentuate less curvy frames. The brand offers a selection of swimwear that leans towards a more wholesome, Asian-centric aesthetic – fuller coverage and increased support. The fabrics used are also softer and lighter, ensuring a fit and drape that is graceful and flattering.

K.BLU Swim Wear Fashion Show At W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG

Imagine sultry Havana nights conjured up by The Cuban Brothers’ unique carnival beat, perfectly paired with the spiced and smooth Sailor Jerry rum, the official spirit of the event, which will get you swaying your hips around the pool, Cubano style.

Swaying To The Beat At W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG

It’s one of the best times for bromance.

Bromance At W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG

Choose your scene – the ‘Suit up in your hottest swim wear, because this party is going to be LEGEN…wait for it…DARY!’

#GET2GETHER At W Hotel Singapore's Coolest Poolside Party - AspirantSG

Or just chillax by the pool with a bottle of champagne.

Chillax By The Pool At W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG

It’s a kids friendly party! Just make sure champagne doesn’t find its way into their drink bottles.

Kids Friendly Party At W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG

Folks at the party got to bid for a chance to stay at the pinnacle of luxury resort living – and for a good cause. A silent auction of the coveted Extreme WOW Suite, undoubtedly the hotel’s crown jewel, with an average daily rate of S$13,880 a night, and the WOW Suite, with an average daily rate of S$5,640 a night, will be held at the party and bids will start at S$4,800 and S$1,800 respectively. All proceeds will go towards the United Nationals Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which provides healthcare, nutrition and education to the world’s most vulnerable children. All auctioned rooms will have a validity of six months. For that, you deserve a lollipop cake!

Candie At W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG

“At W, we elevate any celebration from ordinary to extraordinary. Expect a world of exclusive experiences at GET 2GETHER as we roll out entertainment that will be sure to wow. Come join us as we celebrate two years of fabulous in Singapore with a bang,” said Stephane Fabregoul, General Manager, W Singapore Sentosa Cove.

Stephane Fabregoul, General Manager, W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG
Photo from W Singapore Sentosa Cove Fan Page

W Singapore Sentosa Cove #GET2GETHER Celebration was truly epic. I enjoyed myself in an afternoon of indulgent revelry and ended my weekend on a super high note! I am definitely coming back for my next W Singapore Party.

Group Photo W Singapore Sentosa Cove - AspirantSG

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