10 Best Things To Post On Instagram To Get More Likes

Every day the competition on Instagram goes higher and higher. In every niche, people are struggling to create the most engaging and compelling content to win the attention of the audience on Instagram and get multiple likes on the photo. The common trend is to come up with something original and unique. However, there are some versatile ideas that can help you to gain more likes and dilute your content plan. And here you are going to find out ten universal things to post on Instagram.

Your Motivation

People would like to know what is helping you to move on and do your thing. On social media, many users are looking for support and motivation as well, so such content is valuable for them. If your story is resonating with other users, the description of your reasoning and inspiration in life, the engagement rate will burst. Personal experience is always a good topic to discuss, but try to keep it neutral and remember that there will always be someone who will try to devalue your story or accuse you of lie or something.

User-Generated Content

Another fine bonus to your content plan is something created by your followers. Today, many people show their talents on social media, and oftentimes they are creating things dedicated to their favourite influencers. Reposting someone’s post is the best gesture of gratitude that you can think of. And showing your appreciation will encourage your fans for more ideas.

People like it when they are noticed, especially by a public figure which you apparently are if you become an influencer on Instagram. So you should track the tagging of you so you won’t miss brilliant posts. To boost the user-generated content you can also hold a contest to receive much more likes.

Your Routine

This is also about sharing something personal. What do you do to keep things on track? What do you use for your beauty and health? Of course, this is fine material for a post! It will be useful to get a contract with a good cosmetics brand that you really use and appreciate.

But don’t go too deep into promoting a certain product – describe everything you use and what effect do you get. Being a mind leader, such information would be interesting to your Insta friends because they give you likes and trust you in your choices. With the modern tendency to use fewer filters and editing on the photos – many people would really like to follow your routine. Just, make sure that the products do their work and always mention what is the type of skin or hair, so users won’t be confused. These things are individual and you don’t want to take responsibility for someone’s using the wrong product, do you?

Your Trips

Travelling is a good method to reload your mind and rest. But also, this is a huge potential for creating more compelling content. With the current pandemic, it may be harder to go somewhere in foreign countries, but at least a road trip around your region would be cool.

  • You will get a ton of compelling illustrations for your blog
  • Find out something new to share with your audience
  • Get inspiration and charge yourself for further work
  • Simply have a good time which is good for your health

Style Tips

As a blogger, you have to pay attention to what you wear and create a distinguished style to be noticed and recognized. Of course, your fans want to get similar things, that is a given if your taste is good. Showing your clothes is a great content idea to get likes, even though it is as old as Instagram itself. You can make it regular – #lookoftheday or #lookoftheweek will be nice. To improve the level of engagement you can ask your followers what you should choose for your next activity or something like that.

This is also a fine material for sponsored posts and increasing your revenue – many clothing brands are promoting their products on Instagram, so here’s a good opportunity for you.


Food is one of the most mocked content ideas that ever appeared on Instagram, but nevertheless, it is popular as hell. Besides, your plate is an impeccable place to show your esthetic self!  Also, your ration can be a motivation for your fans not to only leave likes but to maintain a healthy way of life as well. But with your usual healthy dishes you can demonstrate that all people occasionally have junk or fast food, and it’s totally okay.

You may not know this, but some of your IG friends can have eating disorders and you show that you don’t follow a strict diet and now and then get a pizza or McDonalds will be a good motivation for them.

Working Out

Fitness and sport are an important part of life, so showing your routine is a good idea for your content! Film your exercises but explain why you chose them, so your viewers will be able to follow you without harming their health. Remember that if you are not a fitness trainer, you should not give recommendations to other people only because of likes. What you do is share your experience to motivate others ( and have some content to spare). So make sure you announced that for proper exercises that will not do any harm, your followers have to consult with a doctor and certified trainer before launching a routine.


Flatlay is a social media trend, where one should layout on the surface certain things one uses for work or life affairs. This idea is very useful and engaging, especially if you are engaged in any kind of handwork as a hobby or profession. Along with tutorials, flatlay is helping your audience to understand what you do and create something themselves.

Flatlay is another good opportunity for collaborations with brands. You can tag the products so your viewers can easily find the same instruments and details for their work.

Your Pet

This one often is worth a separate profile! Let’s face it – cute animals are winning the internet. And they all are incredibly photogenic so this is a nice chance to widen your content plan! Just make sure that all that surrounds your doggy look as photogenic as itself. Use the materials with your pet as a motivator and mood booster for your audience. Brighten everyone’s day with funny and cute things your cat does. Or dedicate a profile to your story about how you got your pet and what are the rules of living with it.

Please, take full responsibility for your animal and show how you care for its health and quality of life, to provide a good example for your audience. Unfortunately, many people are having the wrong understanding of what it’s like to live with a certain animal, so you as a leader of thoughts should educate your followers.


There are many things that people would like to know about you. And many things you can post in your Instagram feed to get more likes. But your preferences are a great treasure chest of content!

  • What book you have read recently
  • Places you visited and liked the most
  • “Instagrammy” places to take photos
  • New coffee place nearby
  • Courses and educational events
  • Entertainment
  • Festivals, openings, etc.

As you can see, practically everything you do can become content material. The ultimate skill for any blogger on Instagram is the ability to see things from a different angle.

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