Get Hello Kitty-fied At Red Sakura Souvenir Store, Taipei

Taiwanese are crazy about Hello Kitty. Just a few days after my virgin EVA Air Hello Kitty Flight Experience, I had another brush with this world famous kitty in Taipei city. But this time round, the encounter took the form of a speciality souvenir shop. Located on the busy street of Zhongxiao East Road, Red Sakura Hello Kitty Taiwan Souvenir Store stands out from its neighbours with its distinctive woody interior decor. The store and its products creatively blended together Sanrio’s beloved feline character with traditional Taiwanese (古早味) culinary heritage.

Hello Kitty Souvenir Shop Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

Did you get the hint on the types of popular Taiwanese snacks served in the store?

Traditional snacks sold at Hello Kitty Themed Souvenir Store Taipei - AspirantSG

This Hello Kitty Mould Machine diligently churn out fresh finger snacks on the spot.

Hello Kitty Mould Machine - AspirantSG

Once cooled, they are assembled into these exquisite souvenir gift packs.

Hello Kitty Snacks For Sales - AspirantSG

Other than touristy souvenirs, the shop also offers the couples the option of Hello Kitty themed nuptial gifts.

Hello Kitty Wedding Gift Biscuits - AspirantSG

Once you are done with your souvenir purchases, Hello Kitty invites you into her little cafe that’s tucked deep in the store.

Hello Kitty Behind Bars - AspirantSG

This themed cafe enjoyed such popularity that even the local television station came by to feature its ambience and

Filming At Hello Kitty Souvenir Store - AspirantSG

famous Fruit Ice Desserts!

Filming the making of Fruit Ice Desserts - AspirantSG

We just relax and rest our bums on these Hello Kitty stools and wait for the tasting to begin.

Hello Kitty Seats Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

I like my new ‘intellectual look’ with my glasses. Armed with Transitions Signature lensesthey are more than just an accessory. Traveling under the harsh summer sun in Taiwan would not have been bearable if not for the protection rendered by these lenses. They adapt instantaneously to my surrounding light conditions to give me the optimal level of light for comfortable vision. Totally effortless, I am pretty sure I will soon take this remarkable technology for grant so I better pen it down before I forgot it!

Transitions Signature Lens With Hello Kitty - AspirantSG

Behold their delicious 台灣紅豆Q餅 (Red Bean Q Biscuit). Fresh from the oven,it tasted so good fresh that everyone brought at least one box! I got a mixture of the red bean and taro flavours.

Red Sakura Tradition Biscuits - AspirantSG

奶油小酥餅 (Butter Fluffy Biscuit) looked pretty similar to our familiar Tau Sar Piah. Taste-wise, there is a a world of difference. It commanded a strong buttery taste with fuller texture. I would classify it more as a dessert than a biscuit.

Traditional Fluffy Biscuits Taipei - AspirantSG

To fend off the scorching summer heat, Taiwanese folks turned to refreshing fruit ice to quench their thirst.

Hello Kitty Mago Ice - AspirantSG

There are lots of different variations – peach, mango etc each with their own loyal followers.

Peach Hello Kitty Ice Dessert - AspirantSG

Red Bean Milk Ice Dessert gets my vote. Sweet to the max!

Hello Kitty Red Bean Ice - AspirantSG

While enjoying these delectable icy desserts, check out how my Transitions Signature lenses look when they are used indoors! Away from the sun’s harmful UV, they clear up immediately and I get to fully appreciate the dessert maker’s colourful, artistic touches and view these desserts in their original intended colours. My lenses now evolve around my lifestyle without me having to lift a finger!

Transitions Lens In Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

To ensure that you are fully immersed into the Hello Kitty theme, these determined folks didn’t spare the washroom. It has to be Hello-Kittified!

Hello Kitty Themed Toilet Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

The retro flashing light bulbs had nothing much to do with Hello Kitty but how often do you see such a stylo washroom?

Retro Hello Kitty Themed Washroom Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

If you or any of your loved ones are Hello Kitty fanatics, this unique Hello Kitty themed souvenir store is a must visit when you are in Taipei City! Plan the visit as one of your final shopping stops and stock up adorable Hello Kitty Souvenirs before you board your flight home! Here’s the full information of the store for your convenience:

Red Sakura Hello Kitty Themed Souvenir Store

Address: No. 313, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Daan District, Taipei City

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

Tel: +886 – 2 – 8771 7887

Fax: +886 – 2 – 8771 9849

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: redsakura.hellokitty

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