Gamarjobat Asia Tour 2018 – Come Get Your Kick Of Japanese Comedy

The Japanese Comedy duo – Ketch! and HIRO-PON are on their Gamarjobat Asia Tour 2018 to give South East Asia a taste of Japanese Comedy! Famous for wowing audiences with their furious motions of vaudevillian silent comedy, LOL Events will be taking the pair on a road trip with shows in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore this March 2018!

These two wacky Japanese men have perfected their craft through performing on the streets of Japan. Dressed to the nines in suits, sunglasses with eye-catching brightly coloured mohawks, these ‘masters of mime’ build perfect illusions before shattering them just as suddenly. Be prepared to experience mischievous robots, invisible stairs and energetic games of hide and seek on the stage. They take universally understood mime tropes and bend them to their will; redefining them and giving the genre new life and energy.

“Gamarjobat’s brand of fun is so infectious it should come with a health warning. Their work is an ingeniously packaged mixture of clever, free-flowing mime and gentle acrobatics all wrapped up with a generous helping of wonderfully tongue-in-cheek humour” said Rizal Kamal, LOL Events CEO.

The show is suitable for audiences of all ages but we do recommend audiences to be at least 3 years and older. Gamarjobat’s highly-acclaimed performances transcend all language and cultural barriers. Words are not necessary as the pair communicate effortlessly with audiences who understand every action. These hilarious performers will have you fascinated with thoroughly-plotted acts and explosive energy without saying a word.

The Gamarjobat Asia Tour 2018 leg in Southeast Asia is partnered by Enrich by Malaysia Airlines-Official Airline Loyalty Partner. Enrich members (from Singapore) will be able to enjoy a 15% discount when they purchase Gamarjobat show tickets with the Enrich Promo code. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Tickets for shows in Singapore are available through SISTIC ranging between SGD$40 and SGD$60. For more details, visit or LOL Events Facebook Page.

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