French Dinner At Tous Les Jours, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This is my first time to write a guest post for blogger friend Wee Heng from Singapore, feeling abit nervous indeed , please bear with my broken english :). I would love to share with you my recently dinner experience at Tous Les Jours , Jalan Bukit Bintang Branch, Kuala Lumpur. Maybe some of you is not familiar with it since there isn’t a branch in Johor Bahru. Tous Les Jours ( shortform as TLJ) is a French inspired Korean bakery serving wide selection of breads , pastries, cakes and beverages. You can pronounced the name as ‘Too-Leh-Joo’ which meant ‘Everyday’ in French.

Tous Les Jours

The Bukit Bintang Branch is just opposite Lot 10 Shopping Mall’s H & M. To get there, you can simply take the monorail to Bukit Bintang Station. It is very convenient.

Lot 10

When I search online for TLJ cafe address, it kept show me WOLO Bukit Bintang. I was a bit confused at that point of time as I did not know TLJ and WOLO Bukit Bintang are actually the same building.

WOLO Bukit Bintang

Main entrance of TLJ really command the air of a French Cafe.

WOLO Bukit Bintang 2I love its transparent design, really impressive ~ there are two floor. Downstairs is for bakery , cakes section,variety bread available here. Since I am aiming for dinner, I headed directly to the second level. I took a recipe book from their bookshelf to kill time while waiting for my friend.

In-restaurant Library

TLJ  is a self service order cafe, you gotta go to the counter and give them your orders. Since this is my first visit, I asked for waiter for recommendations on the menu. He recommend the Chilled Green Tea Latte (RM10) :). I felt pleased. Green Tea Latte has been my all time favourite of Starbucks. After my first sip, I find my usual Starbucks Latte more milky and sweet. TLJ cafe is just nice, neither too sweet nor too milky. It’s pretty addictive.

Cold Green Tea Latte

Grilled Mushroom Tartine (RM21) is another item that the waiter highly recommended. The bread is generously topped with a layer of mushroom and egg . After I try, I will given 7 out of 10 points for the taste. But the freshness of the bread and mushroom deserves 2 additional points. They get a final points of 9 out of 10 ~ seems quality control here is superb :p love it’s bread ~

Grilled Mushroon Tartine

The total damages for an afternoon at the cafe inclusive of tax is RM35.95 >.<. If you are interested to visit the cafe the next time you come over to Kuala Lumpur, here are the full details:

Tous Les Jours

Address: WOLO Bukit Bintang, 126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours: 8am- 11pm Daily

Tel: +603-4065 0088


Fan Page: TLJMalaysia

Thanks for your reading, hope can give you some idea if you happen dining here.

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