Free Family Activities That You Can Do In Singapore

Tired of the same old shopping at the weekends? Want to do something different with your family over the weekend? We got you covered. In fact, we’ll do you one better. In today’s article, we cover free activities you can do with your family!

1. Mount Faber



Mount Faber is not quite a mountain, but a hill that is located in Bukit Merah. It’s 105 metres in height and can be climbed by foot quite easily.

The best part? The natural flora and fauna will immediately lift your mood and give you the best of nature within the concrete jungle that is Singapore. The view of the city from the top makes Mount Faber a popular destination.

2. Movie Mob



Going to the movies are always a fun family outing. But how about watching a movie for free?

In a capitalistic world, you wouldn’t expect anything to be free, but Movie Mob has changed things up.  Since 2009, they’ve been screening free movies (Voted by the public) all over Singapore. Every drive-in event has about 200 cars in attendance, so if you want to get a good spot, get there early!

3. Water Parks



Kids love water and this is the reason they love beaches and waterparks. Most water parks are part of amusement parks. But what most people aren’t aware of is, most of these pool areas for kids are absolutely free to use. Check out the Best water parks in Singapore

4. Toa Payoh Heritage Trail



The best way to teach kids about your life is sharing life stories from the past. It’s hard to show them how life was in the past before they were born. But with the Toa Payoh Heritage Trail, it’s possible.

Toa Payoh is the first town developed by the HDB and it will take you back to the old-school days that were in the pre-smartphone era. Reminisce and teach your kids about the life you lived.

5. Really Really Free Market

Who doesn’t like shopping? Shopping is fun and satiating for the mind. But shopping in the Really Really Free Market is different. You don’t have to pay for any item you pick you, because it’s free!

From old wares to books, this market has interesting products that will come in handy. If you are in a ‘giving’ mood, set-up a booth with your old wares and items that you don’t need anymore and see the items picked up in no time!

6. Gardens by the Bay

One of the most popular landmarks in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay. Although the attractions inside are paid. It’s free to walk within the park and look at the beautiful flowers and trees. It’s perfect for a family outing or a post-dinner walk.  

7. Singapore Botanical Gardens

The Singapore Botanical Gardens is a perfect family-friendly destination. The entire area is beautiful with rich greenery and carefully planned trails. The National Orchid Garden is within the Botanical Gardens and it’s the largest orchid garden in the world. It has over 1,000 species of orchids and 2000 hybrid species.

Apart from the flora, there is also fauna. You can encounter owls, sunbirds, kingfishers, ducks and swans. It’s a treat for the kids and the elders too. Open throughout the day until the night, pick your time and head to Singapore Botanical Gardens for a fun and free day out.

8. Take a Culture Walk

Travelling the world and soaking in various cultures is one of the best experiences that anybody can have. Children especially need that experience early on to understand the world better.

Singapore is a very special place because of its diversity. There are multiple Asian cultures residing and thriving in the little red dot.

Taking the family to one of these locations and seeing the architecture and vibe of the place will give the entire family a new perspective!

9. Flying Kites at Marina Barrage

One of the most sought after activities in the ’90s was flying kites. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thanks to parents who haven’t forgotten their past, this tradition of flying kites continues till the present day.

The Marina Barrage is the perfect place to enjoy the skyline and fly kites. While the elders can sit comfortably, the young ones can continue the tradition of flying kites.

10. Going to the Beach

Singapore is blessed with a coastline that has numerous beaches and the popular among them is the one at Sentosa. Although Sentosa has numerous pubs and restaurants that line the coast, it doesn’t stop you from taking your family, sitting by the beach and having a little picnic. While the children make sandcastles, you can kick back with a book or just have a quick nap.

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