Festive Greetings From 25 Cute Singapore Pets On Instagram

Our furry friends are hard to miss when their proud owners doll them up for the festive in garish Christmas jumpers, reindeer antlers and Santa’s hats. For some Singaporeans, dressing up their beloved pets for Christmas has become as routine a part of the festivities as putting up the tree. This Christmas season, savour the sincere festive greetings from 25 Cute Singapore Pets On Instagram and spread the love by forwarding it to your friends, relatives and loved ones.

1. Errmm…. What’s With The Outfit? 

A photo posted by Cody the Corgi (@corgiwithboots) on

2. Backdrop’s Ready. Where’s My Photographer? 

A photo posted by Von (@fenievon) on

3. Yeah, I Am Keeping Myself Very Happy Indeed

A photo posted by Salut (@salutthefrenchie) on

4. Can I Help To Decorate The Christmas Tree? Pretty, Pretty Please..

5. Is This Part Of Our KPI? 

A photo posted by May Mei (@maymeibg) on

6. I Shall Just Stay Put & Look Cute

7. Drool-dolph awww…..

8. I Am Ready To Frolic In The Snow

A photo posted by Jane Toh (@withlovejane) on

9. Where’s The Sledge?

A photo posted by Valerie (@val_doggylover) on

10. This Is So Not My Style

11. Keep Those Festive Treats Coming

12. Little Red Riding Hood

A photo posted by @yvonkan on

13. Mom Turned Me Into A Christmas Tree

A photo posted by Kooky (@kookysheltie) on

14. Just Got My Hair Done For Christmas

15. Come Dress Me Up!

16. Who’s In The Mood For Drinks?

A photo posted by Patch (@uglydogpatch) on

17. Looking Pretty At The Gardens

A photo posted by Wendy♡DoDo~^^ (@wendovic) on

18. Feel So Loved

19. When Are My Presents Coming?

A photo posted by Sasha Oh (@sashathecav) on

20. Am I Going Onto Your Christmas Greeting Card? 

21. Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way

A photo posted by Kooky (@kookysheltie) on

22. Suddenly 6-legged 

A photo posted by @litingkoo on

23. Looking Pretty With My Christmas Chou Chou

24. I Am One Of Santa’s Helpers

25. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you like our selection of Festive Greetings From 25 Cute Singapore Pets On Instagram. Do share with us other cute pets festive posts in the comments section below!

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