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Fat Cow Mother’s Day Set Lunch: A Memorable Dining Experience

A mum’s love is unconditional and enduring, so show appreciation by bringing her out for a memorable meal. This Mother’s Day, pamper mum with a 4-course Set Lunch, thoughtfully curated by Head Chef Shingo Iijima and inspired by his mother and wife who hold a special place in his life. Available from 7 to 15 May 2023 and priced at $138++, Fat Cow’s Mother’s Day Set Lunch Menu embraces the delicate flavours and ingredients of spring that will beguile the palate.

Mother’s Day Set Lunch ($138 Per Pax)

Renowned for its handpicked lineup of premium Japanese wagyu and customized beef experiences. Commence with the Zensai, a refreshing opener featuring an assortment of Japanese mountain vegetables air-flown from Kanazawa, Nagona and Akita prefectures. The seasonal vegetables are marinated in an umami katsuobushi dashi, and served chilled with a lightly seared scallop atop.

The next course, Salmon Saikyo Yaki & Seasonal Dishes, a feast for the senses with a medley of eight dainty accompaniments offering variety and colour in both flavour and presentation. The tender salmon entices with its deep savouriness, attributed to the meticulous preparation of brushing the fish with Kyoto Saikyo sweet white miso glaze before being carefully grilled over binchotan for an enticing caramelised finish.

Each of the accompanying morsels brim with flavour and elegance like the Wagyu Tsukune, a mix of minced Wagyu beef, egg yolk, and oba leaf, shaped and steamed to perfection then charcoal-grilled for an alluring smokiness.

Another stand-out is the Toriyama Umami Wagyu wrapped in vegetables. The Toriyama Wagyu is seared then envelops crunchy radish sprouts. Relish Chef Shingo’s rendition of a vegetarian Japanese favourite – sesame-infused tofu topped with Uni, cold tofu coated in a rich sesame sauce and crowned with uni for an indulgent mouthful.

Enjoy the mains with a bowl of Fat Cow’s signature Fat Rice. This decadent staple is favoured for its flavoursome mix of steamed premium Japanese Rice, seasoned with “Fat Shoyu” comprising kombu, truffle oil and Wagyu Fat, rendered from the restaurant’s own selection of Wagyu beef.

The meal concludes with a delightful and light dessert that will leave a lasting impression – Strawberry Jelly served with Milk Sauce & Yuzu Zest. The dessert requires precision and dedication, where each temperature-sensitive layer of strawberry jelly is crafted with steady hand, one after another to create a beautiful edible work of art. The gelatinous treat is complemented with a luscious milk sauce and a scoop of black sesame ice cream.

Bond with mum over Fat Cow’s Mother’s Day Lunch Set Menu – the perfect way to celebrate this special occasion and make it an especially memorable one. Available from 7 to 15 May 2023, 12pm to 3pm.

Fat Cow’s Lunch Set Menu ($138++ per person)

Umamidashi marinated Japanese Mountain Vegetables served with lightly seared Scallop
Salmon Saikyo Yaki & Seasonal Dishes
Seared Salmon Marinated in Saikyo Sauce
• Sesame-infused Tofu topped with Uni
• Hirai Wagyu wrapped with Vegetables
• Deep-fried Prawn Senbei
• Yam Tempura
• Snow Pea marinated with Japanese Plum Sauce
• Steamed Fava Beans
• Wagyu Tsukune
• Sweet Potatoes simmered with a sweet sauce
The Fat Rice
Steamed Rice seasoned with signature ‘Fat Shoyu’, Truffle Oil
Strawberry Jelly served with Milk Sauce & Yuzu Zest and Black Sesame Ice Cream

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