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Family Weekends Adventure In Kukup, Malaysia

If you think planning a trip for your own family is tough, try imagining how it would like to coordinate an excursion between 6 families! My dearest gang of cousins must take the full credit for making this family (consisting of the families of 4 uncles & 2 aunts) trip to Kukup possible. This wasn’t my first trip to the sleepy resort town of Kukup.  Unlike the previous time when we had to walked to our resort bungalow resort from the main streets, the bungalow owner had thoughtfully arranged for a boat to ferry us over.

Boat Trip To Holiday House In Kukup - AspirantSG

While enjoying the sea breeze, we passed by a touristy ‘showcase’ Kelong before reaching our makeshift jetty.

Boat Ride To Kukup Resort Bungalow

Walking over the squeaky planks was quite an experience. I personally felt like one of the cast of ‘The Awakening’ except that we have landed ourselves on Kukup instead!

Touchdown To Kukup Bungalow - AspirantSG

The resort bungalow looks brand new and is incredibly spacious. It has a 5 bedrooms furnished with double decker beds, living hall for TV & Mahjong, a KTV room as well as a half sheltered roof top area for hangouts!

Interior Of Resort Bungalow Kukup - AspirantSG

While the older folks get themselves settled down, the rest of the cousins ventured up to the roof top area. Despite the hot sun (I am so glad I had my Transitions lenses on), you can get to see the surrounding bungalows and an unblocked view of the mangrove forest. If you are still thinking of whether or not to get your Transitions Lenses, you can consider Transitions Trial Decals™ by Transitions Optical to experience how Transitions Lenses work and benefit your daily lives. The decal once applied to your personal clear eyeglass lenses (decal size may not fit perfectly) act as a temporary demonstration of how Transitions® adaptive lenses seamlessly change from clear to dark and back to clear depending on the levels of UV light. There is no need to worry about damaging your clear eyeglasses as Transitions Trial Decals™ are made with highest quality adhesive, there will be no damage if removed with care.

View From Bungalow Roof Top - AspirantSG

I love the hammock within the sheltered roof top area. Great place to chill out and spend an afternoon napping. See how my Transitions Lenses lightens up instantly to adjust to the indirect sunlight under shelter. Go for Transitions Trial Decals™ on days where you need to transit in between indoors and outdoors, that would be the best opportunity to experience the benefits of Transitions Lenses.

Chilling Out On Hammock At Kukup Bungalow - AspirantSG

For those of you who are interested in giving the Transitions Trial Decals™ a try, you can visit the site here to find out more. Register today, and you are able to receive a pair of Transitions Trial Decals™. It has been an interesting experience for me trying out the Transitions Signature lenses for the past few months, I do hope the same would apply for you guys too. Transitions Signature lenses has helped me braved the sun while me and my cousins went food hunting at Kukup!

Feasting At Kukup Family Trip - AspirantSG

We also took the opportunity to explore and walked around the sleepy neighbourhood. Despite the narrow walkways, locals can still weave through smoothly on their bicycles or motorcycle with no fear of falling off onto the swamp area below. That’s my brother finding the perfect OOTD moment with my Transitions Signature lenses.

The Neighbourhood At Kukup - AspirantSG

Our Kukup family trip was an unforgettable getaway. I really appreciate all my cousins for dedicating their time to plan and get their respective families to travel and bond together. We will definitely be planning an even more exciting family outing in the next year!

Family Group Photo For Kukup Trip 2014

Here’s wishing all readers a Happy New Year. Cheers to a fantastic year ahead in 2015!

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