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Experience Japan With Sugoi Mart This Christmas

Christmas is undeniably the time of the year that millions of people are waiting for. It is the time to give presents to your loved ones, receive gifts, spend time with your family and share happiness with others.


There are multiple ways to celebrate Christmas and no matter what you decide to do, it is always good to prepare some awesome gifts for your friends and family. Luckily, Sugoi Mart is here to save you time and energy on pondering what to get for yourself and your Japan “lover” friends.

Sugoi Mart came out with two different types of Advent Calendars this season that will for sure bring joy to everyone around.

By now you might be wondering what Sugoi Mart is.

Sugoi Mart, a Japanese online store that is shipping all over the world everything that Japan has to offer. From snacks, chocolates, anime licenses to toys and collectibles, their motto is pretty much: You want it? They have it! If they don’t, let them know and they will! Please make sure to check them out when you get the chance. Their website offers something for everyone who is interested in Japan.

The two calendars that we have mentioned before are the “30 days of Japan Calendar” and the “Holiday Surprise Calendar“.

Let’s talk about the “Holiday Surprise Calendar” first, as it is for sure going to sell out fast.

The design of the calendar is beautiful with the winter vibes that we absolutely adore. The calendar is promised to take you on a one-of-a-kind experience and exciting journey through Japan. It consists of 24 wintery windows filled with amazing and super fun surprises that you cannot find anywhere else but Japan. The daily surprises include different kinds of snacks, toys, games, collectibles, plushies, cosmetics and many many more. We are sure the surprises  will get you in the holiday spirit!

Have you ever wanted to take a month-long vacation through Japan and experience everything it’s famous for? Well, the “30 days of Japan Calendar” that we have mentioned before was designed to do just that. You can open 30 different windows filled with nothing but the best of Japan. The categories of the surprises include snacks, toys, games, collectibles, plushies and so much more.

We think these two calendars are certainly a unique and fun way of experiencing Japan and it is amazing for those who would like to get a little taste of what to expect before visiting the country.

Of course, if you are interested in a little bit of a more hands-on experience of Japan, Sugoi Mart got that covered as well. They don’t only sell Advent calendars, they sell something called “Experience Sets”, that truly lets you explore Japan in an authentic way. They have 4 different types of sets. Tapioca, Bento, Matcha and the Onigiri Experience.

Our personal favorite is the Matcha Experience set. Who wouldn’t want to go on a historic and delicious journey and learn the rich culture of Japanese green tea? The set of course includes an English explanation leaflet and everything else that you need.

We hope you found something among our recommendations that you will love just as much as we do. Make sure to check out Sugoi Mart and everything they have to offer!

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