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Experience a Flavourful Autumn at Lewin Terrace In Singapore

How well do you know about Autumn in Japan feels and look like? Is it cold? Relaxing? Colourful? I can say, it is now much more divine, savoury and flavorful. Do you want to know why? This autumn, you need not travel to Japan as Lewin Terrace is going to bring you for a scrumptious tour to experience a taste of autumn in Japan.

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Lewin Terrace, a Japanese-French fusion restaurant, has come out with an exquisite menu that features the superior ingredients origin from Japan in this Autumn. Diners can indulge in fresh seafood such as the Hokkaido Crab, Sea Urchin, Amadai Fish and much more. Not just only the seafood, premium grade Japanese Wagyu Beef will be included in this all-embracing menu.


Excellent ambience and venue for all special occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, cooperate events, and iconic weddings.


The restaurant has both outdoor and indoor area. Customers that would love a quiet and personal space may choose to dine indoors. Likewise, the al fresco style can be also a good choice of a nature-loving environment for a casual dining experience.

The Menu

Not only uses the finest ingredients directly flown over from Japan, Executive Chef Keisuke Matsumoto created a perfect balance and compatibility of both Japanese and French cuisines.


Homemade Bread and Original Soya Butter  The bread is soft with a fluffy texture. Right below in the bag were the hot stones so as to keep the bread warm.



Omotenashi means a form of greeting or a warm welcome in the Japanese culture. These dainty and delectable appetisers would be the greatest form of hospitality from Lewin Terrace.


Hassun-Spanish Red Urchin, Smoked Tofu, 10 Years Miso – Gorgeous presentation. Hassun-Spanish red sea urchin tastes like a creamy ocean with a slightly sweet flavour. The silky smoked tofu still retains a mild taste of soya which compliments really well with the 10 years miso.


Mushroom, Prosciutto Blancmange, Coffee Beans – Taste like a dessert but it’s not. Savoury Prosciutto Blancmange topped with rich and creamy mushroom dressing and coffee foam makes a flavourful tour around your palate.


Hokkaido Crab, Japanese Apple, Gazpacho, Yuzu – A few steps to follow before you taste it. First, pour the Gazpacho into the bowl provided, then place the Hokkaido crab, Japanese apple and Yuzu jelly on top of it. Tasted as beautiful as how it looks like. The Gazpachos makes a good match with the juicy crab meat and crunchy Japanese apple. Absolutely delectable and a refreshing plate of beauty.


Soup presented in a syphon.


Amadai, Black Truffle, Koshihikari, Seaweed – Crispy Amadai fish meat with fragrant Koshohikari rice and seaweed soaked in Amadai broth. The executive chef uses a unique way to present this dish by using a syphon to boil up the broth. Refrain the crispy fish skin from dipping into the soup. The crispy texture of the Amadai fish skin will give you the best tasting sensation of this dish.


Japanese Wagyu Steak, Nippon-Rossini Style – Japanese Wagyu steak served with red and yellow beetroot, roasted taro and seaweed butter. Perfectly grilled to its best texture, this well-executed steak is extremely succulent.


Passion fruits, Mikan, Lychee – Fragrantly sweet taste with a pleasant tartness taste and very juicy. The best way to clean your palate after a flavourful meal.


Small World – Consists of white chocolate with green team, dorayaki red bean, chocolate in jasmine flavour and french cake. As to implies the name of this dessert, all 4 desserts are actually served in mini bite size.


If you are keen to savour the taste of Autumn in Japan at Lewin Terrace, here are the full details of the restaurant:

Lewin Terrace

Address: 21 Lewin Terrace Singapore Singapore 179290 | Tel: +65 6333 9905 | Website: | Autumn Sho-Mi Menu is priced at S$118.00++ (Available at Lunch: 12pm- 3pm & Dinner 6.30pm – 11pm | Luxurious Wakon Yosai Menu is priced at S$188.00++ with option to add on wine pairing at S$120.00++ {6 glass} (Dinner 6.30pm-11pm only)

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