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Evolve Vacation Program: Travel & Train with World Champions

Travelling to Singapore and looking for more than just the usual sightseeing, relaxation and cultural exploration? How about adding a dose of MMA (Mix Martial Arts) into the mix? The Evolve Vacation Program offers you the rare opportunity to train martial arts alongside some of the premier professional athletes in the MMA community around the region. If you are already a fan of MMA, this could mean a chance to travel and train with your MMA favourites! With absolutely no experience in Muay Thai, I decided to take my chances at MMA despite my age and fitness level. Join me and see what you will be in for!

Evolve Vacation Program – Why Evolve MMA? 

For someone starting out on the MMA journey, I would prefer an established gym that is professional and will look after my safety. Credential-wise, they are ranked #1 in Asia with the most number of World Champions and their world-renowned Evolve Instructor Team is also the largest and most experienced team in Asia. On being experienced, we are talking about more than 1,000 years of accumulated world championship experience. It is hence no surprise that the Evolve Team has won multiple World Championships in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Boxing, etc.

Evolve MMA commands an extensive network of gyms with state-of-the-art, 5-star facilities at convenient locations and offers over 1000 classes each week to cater to members’ busy schedules. There are also numerous seminars organised throughout the year with renowned fighters from across the world coming to Singapore to help members attain their desired skills and fitness targets. Last but not least, there is also the unspoken perk that you can get up close and even take photos with some of your favourite MMA fighters.

Evolve Vacation Program – Great For Expats & Visitors

For expatriates or holiday-makers who are coming to Singapore for a week up to 3 months, Evolve MMA has a special vacation program. You can get to choose from a wide range of bespoke packages with martial arts classes taught by World Champions across all of the major disciplines including Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Submission Grappling, MMA, and more.

Classes are catered to all age groups, genders, skills and fitness levels! Even complete beginners are welcome to try it out!  During the program, you may attend unlimited classes 7 days a week. They even have your accommodations taken care of through partnerships with hotels across the island. Find out more about their packages and prices here.

There is no better time to experience MMA in a safe, fun and professional space. This is especially great if you are a fan of MMA and would like to catch your favourite fighters while you are here in Singapore. To find out more about the Evolve Vacation Program, visit here.

Evolve Vacation Program – The Facilities

I was really impressed when I checked out their space at Far East Square. Lessons were conducted in a clean and spacious environment. They have 3 training spaces named Legend, Champion and Warriors for the conduct of group lessons.

MMA Cage on the first floor and a boxing ring on the second floor really added authenticity to the whole experience. The MMA Cage was also where I am going to have my first lesson.

Heading up to the second floor, I had the chance to see a teenager having a fun, playful sparring session with an instructor in the boxing ring. Despite his young age, he was really good at the craft. I was told that only Level 2 and above armband holders are allowed to go for sparring sessions with an instructor. Level advancements are announced during classes when the respective instructor felt one has attained the necessary competencies. That really inspired me to really give the sport my best shot!

I also liked the fact that there is a PowerHIITZone for members. This means that beyond the classes, I am able to use Evolve MMA for my usual gym workouts too.

The zone comprises treadmills, fitness bikes and weights which takes care of my basic gym needs.

Evolve Vacation Program – The Training Experience

Patakthep Sinbimuaythai (Kru James) was my instructor for my first lesson and he would be training me on the basics. Following Thai traditions, Muay Thai instructors are respectfully addressed as Kru which means teacher or instructor. Kru James is no mere Muay Thai instructor, he holds the Muay Thai World Champion Title and is part of the EVOLVE Fight Team. That’s the MMA Cage where I will be waiting for him.

Kru James started with a warm and friendly introduction. He asked if this was my first time trying out Muay Thai and invited me to join him for the warming-up exercise. For such an accomplished instructor, he was really personable and casual which makes the entire session more fun and relaxed. I was half expecting a really strict and fierce instructor.

We started with understanding the basic footwork of Muay Thai from advancing and retreating to moving to the sides. He highlighted that mastering the footwork helps to keep us balanced and be in an ever-ready position to strike and defend ourselves from the opponent.

Next, we worked on posture and arms positions. We need to ensure that we keep our eyes on our opponent at all times and protect our heads from any sudden attacks.

Next, we are off to learn about the various upper-body attack and defence sequences.

And he slowly incorporated in the kicks.

It took a while to get the kicks right but Kru James was very patient in making sure that I get the angle and footwork right to deliver each kick effectively.

Once I am more familiar with the sequences and postures. We advanced to training with actual boxing gloves. If you prefer to own your own gloves, they are available for sale at the outlet as well.

The latter part of the session saw me applying what I have just learnt with actual boxing gloves. Kru James continued to guide me along as my practice partner.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first lesson. There was a lot to learn but Kru James was really professional and patient with me. The workout resulted in some aches and sores the next day which means that this new form of fitness triggered some muscles which would otherwise not be activated from the usual gym regime. Here’s my 1-to-1 photo with the Muay Thai Champion from Evolve Fight Team – Patakthep Sinbimuaythai (Kru James). For folks who are coming over to Singapore soon, I would definitely recommend throwing Evolve Vacation Program into your holiday mix. Have fun!

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