Everyday I’m Shuffling – I Wished!

To be honest, I was rather reluctant to spend my Good Friday evening at this cool live music – alcoholic joint named ‘Shuffle’ at Clark Quay with my dear cousins. Not that I dislike their company but I guessed I am pretty much done with the whole ‘hunting by the water hole’ concept.


It doesn’t look that exciting on the ground floor but place is pretty packed by 9pm.


The staff was quick to have us seated at a cozy corner which was a comfortable distance away from the Live Band.


Besides liquids, Shuffle offers a comprehensive dining menu from soups & salads to heart-warming desserts. We all had our fill before coming over so it’s just drinks & lots of finger food for us tonight!


We ordered their special Somersby Apple Cider 5 for $50 Promo. This is a really light alcoholic drink that tasted like sweet apple juice mixed with tonic. Great for gals but not that fantastic if you are hoping to get high.


Our Waffle Cheese Fries ($10) was the first to arrive at the table. The waffle fries are really normal but they are addictive cos they are served hot & crispy. The melted cheddar & minced beef proved to be perfect companions to go along.


Cereal Calamari ($10) were served crazy hot & crispy. Unlike the usual Cereal Prawns presentation at Chinese Zi Char, cereal were not available in excess. The calamari provided good chewing exercise for my jaws.


Spicy Hot Wings ($10) with a Facebook Like on the menu was up next. It was neatly piled up into a gorgeous golden mountain of finger-licking good wings. Served hot, these well marinated chicken wings delivered their promised spiciness.


The engaging company, light beer & excellent finger food deserves a toast!


The performing Live Band further enhance Shuffle’s charm with their versatile repository. They are able to dish out a wide range of genre from English Pop Hits all the way to Taiwanese Hokkien Songs!


Our 5 bottles of ciders did not last us very long. Soon we were contemplating ordering this showy tower to share.


Kronenbourg Beer is contained within the gigantic Eiffel Tower and sparklers are set off at its peak to create a brilliant display of mini fireworks. A must order if you want some attention from that cutie at the next table.


In our slightly high & adventurous state, we decided to go for new unfamiliar options like Kronenbourg Beer, Honey Melon Beer and Danish Royal Stout. The Kronenbourg Beer emerged our favourite with its smooth and somewhat refreshing flavour. The Honey Melon Beer was delightfully sweet but that’s all it has to offer. You can go get a Honey Melon Fruit Juice anytime. The Stout? Too bitter for my liking.


Home Made Crème Brulee ($10) was ordered as the sweet ending for the evening before we called it a night. The serving size does not justify the price and the taste wasn’t that fantastic.


If you get too high on alcohol or need a smoke break, you can always venture downstairs for fresh air.


Wonderful place to catch up with close friends or colleagues over yummy finger food, intoxicating drinks and live music in Singapore. Here’s the full details of the place:

Shuffle Bistro Bar

3D River Valley Road, #02-03, Clarke Quay S(179023)

Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 6pm – 1am & Fri – Sat: 6pm – 3am

Tel: 63389438

Website: http://www.shuffle.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shufflebistrobar

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