In 2001, Dr Alvin Ng Chee Keong received the Singapore Ministry of Health’s HMDP Award to receive formal training in Cardiovascular Imaging at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, USA and was subsequently registered as a specialist in Cardiology in the same year.

It is our privilege for patients to see us and entrust their lives to us, not the other way round” is Dr Alvin Ng Chee Keong’s mantra to his students at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (National University of Singapore), where he also holds the post of Adjunct Assistant Professor.

Having had vast experience at public and private hospitals in Singapore, Dr Alvin Ng has taken the huge step in setting up his own private practice; Jireh Heart Centre which specialises in general cardiology, cardiac health screening, cardiovascular imaging, and interventional cardiology; and is on the approved list with many private medical insurers.

His well-equipped practice allows for is well equipped with necessary equipment Echocardiogram, ECG, and Treadmill to be carried out within the clinic.

Dr Alvin Ng is also conversant in the Malay language and Bahasa Indonesia, besides English, Mandarin and some Chinese dialects.

He sharpens his skills with Bahasa Indonesia when he speaks with his Indonesian patients and when he does voluntary medical consultation in Indonesia; which he regularly does despite his busy schedule.

Dr Alvin Ng is my go-to doctor. He looks after all of my chronic illnesses, and that of my mother’s. His approach is different as he looks more on prevention and he takes the time to understand the underlying issues. His explanation is always crystal clear. Although he specialises in stents and ballooning, he went out of his way – on a goodwill gesture –  to organise and assist my mother when she needed a heart by-pass surgery. My family and I are always grateful to Dr Alvin Ng and his team”, said a 44-year old patient whom we met at Jireh Heart Centre.

During our time at his clinic, Dr Alvin Ng Chee Keong took the time to explain to us the details and types of cardiac-related issues he had dealt with. One concern to Dr Alvin Ng is the possible stress-levels (especially by seniors) during the Circuit Breaker period in Singapore. He says “Elevated levels of neurohormonal chemicals can result in elevated heart rates. This can directly stress the cardiovascular system. There is an accelerated pace of wear and tear. Blood pressures can be elevated and this can also have direct or indirect consequences.” Dr Alvin Ng commends the effort on television programmes which had fine-tuned to help viewers deal with the effects of the Circuit Breaker and simple exercises at home; which will help to manage the stress.

In theme with his belief for preventative and holistic care, Jireh Heart Centre has several fixed price “heart health” screening packages which start from as low as under S$300.

Dr Alvin Ng Chee Keong

Adjunct Asst Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore


Practice Address:

Jireh Heart Centre 38 IRRAWADDY ROAD #06-63 MOUNT ELIZABETH NOVENA SPECIALIST CENTRE S(329563) Telephone: +65- 6909 6221