Food Memory With Ayam Brand Part 1 – Curry Chicken Buns

Ayam Brand, a family name that many of us Singaporeans have grown up with will be presenting the Food Memories programme as part of the Singapore Memory Project – Memory Maker Series. From Malay dishes, to traditional Teochew delicacies and even some Singapore Snacks, this meaningful project seek to capture and create precious food memories for Singaporeans. With Scotts visiting from Scotland, I thought it would be a great opportunity for him to experience Asian cooking and try out some of our popular local dishes at Ayam Brand Culinary Lab.

Cooking With Ayam Brand - AspirantSG

Madam Tay Tong San, our culinary instructor did a quick introduction of herself before she brief us on the yummy, local heritage dishes that we will be doing today. All recipes from the session are written by her.

Mdm Tay Our Instructor For Ayam Brand Cooking Session - AspirantSG

Curry Chicken Bun

The ingredients for the bun are as follow:

– 400gofbreadflour

– 100g of cake flour

– 100g of sugar

– 15g of milk powder

– 10g of yeast

– 80g of butter

– 250g of water

– 50g of egg

– 5g of salt

We will get the action going mixing the dough for about 10min using a machine. Butter is then added and mixed for 5 minutes. Sprinkle a little salt, mix it for one minute and leave it to proof between 30 to 40 minutes. Once that is done, we can then weigh and divide the dough by 50g each. 

Weighing Dough For Curry Buns - AspirantSG

The curry chicken filling ingredients are as follow:

– 500g potatoes (cooked and slightly mashed)

– 50g onions

– 95g of Ayam Brand Nyonya Curry Paste

– 1 tbsp oil

– 200g chicken

– 1 tsp sugar

– 1⁄2 tsp salt

We have to first stir fry the soft onion with curry paste before adding in cooked potatoes and chicken. Add a dash of salt and sugar as seasoning and we are done!

Preparing The Curry Chicken Filling - AspirantSG

Roll and thin the dough before putting the curry chicken filling in.

Wrapping The Curry Chicken Filling - AspirantSG

Wrap the filling into the bread dough and shape it into a round shape

Curry Chicken Bun Shaping - AspirantSG

This is no easy feat ok

Me rolling the bun - AspirantSG

Once they are in a rather decent looking round shape, we can place them into these cheerful looking liners.

Nice Round Dough With Curry Chicken Fillings - AspirantSG

Leave these babies for a while and they will gradually expand to a fuller volume. These means they are ready for the oven.

Settled Buns Ready For The Oven - AspirantSG

Bake these lovelies at a temperature of 200°C over 15 minutes.

Curry Chicken Buns Baking - AspirantSG

And there you have it – golden brown curry chicken buns to die for!

Completed Curry Chicken Buns - AspirantSG

It takes lots of hard work but cooking with your family, loved ones and friends is fun and really addictive! Stay tuned for Part 2

Bloggers Busy Cooking - AspirantSG












You can take part in this meaningful project from home too! Submit your memories of the dishes and receive a free Ayam Brand product. The best memory will stand to win a Ayam Brand goodie bag as well. What’s more? Recreate the dishes at home and post on instagram with hashtags #sgmemory and #sgheritagemeals to stand a chance to win Ayam Brand Heritage Gift Box! Have fun!

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