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The Contribution Of Cryptocurrencies In World Economy

It’s no doubt that cryptocurrencies have established a new and thriving industry and a possible alternative of Fiat currency. In 2019 alone, blockchain projects raised USD 13 Billion through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). There are around 2400 cryptocurrencies in the market and trade thrives through an overwhelming phase. However, the crypto space is still dominated by financial companies, but the future is likely to witness other sectors indulging in the crypto sphere. With faster transactions as well as peer to peer transparency, the decentralized system puts us in control of our financial activities cutting off the intermediaries.

Underdevelopment Countries

Many of the countries don’t have access to proper banking services and struggle under substantial transaction charges. The instability in the financial costs just adds to the burden. The technology can entail hassle-free and fast cross border trading, exposing them to a broader market. The decentralization of the sphere removes third-parties and allows the user to take control of his finances, making transactions much more convenient and faster.

Economic Activities

Cryptocurrencies have led to the creation of a whole new industry. The crypto space gave birth to new jobs and opportunities that were unknown to us. Like the internet, it has opened up an entirely new area of activities. Crypto stock exchange and start-ups are worth USD 437 Billion as of 2018.

Individual Growth

Like the internet which saw an emergence of dotcom millionaires, crypto space has contributed to personal growth as well as producing millionaires in its journey. From crypto trading, there was the ease of business and growth of overall wealth, also giving rise to GDAX. The link has more information on the topic we have taken upon us to discuss. You might want to look it up for a holistic understanding of the same. Many people have witnessed their income grow four-fold, creating a better standard of living.

Higher Tax Returns

The Governments of the world are currently working towards the effective regulation of the crypto space and chalk out a tax regulation. With upsurge prices, the state gets a cut in the form of taxes. Governments directly benefit from the money invested in cryptocurrencies and crypto space.

Hike in Global Wealth

As investment in crypto space continues to raise the standard of living, it has ended up uplifting countries. The countries profit from investment and employment from the crypto sphere. As trade increases, the boon in the economy is widely visible. The transaction can be carried out without the need for hectic third-party intervention making the business much easier.

Global Economy

As people travel and cross from one country to another, the transaction requires hard work and time. With cryptocurrency, the idea of a global economy is finally being constructed. It can enable a hassle-free work without the constraint about the money, thus, making the global economy a conceived and universal income, a possible idea.


The sole purpose of a business is to attract profit. Crypto transactions are much faster and charge less fee compared to traditional ways of banking, allowing them to save more. The world is moving faster towards the adoption of universal currency, and income and cryptocurrencies are further innovating this idea.


As the new advancements in the crypto-space technology come to light, the future of the world economy completely dependent on digital currency can be surely conceived. Ventures like Paypal have earlier contributed much towards the development of this idea, but the use of cryptocurrencies is taking it to yet another level. Most of the companies and countries that were earlier reluctant to invest in the currency are showing positive signs of approval. Given the information available on the internet, more and more enthusiastic investors are exploring the ways of introduction and transition in the market.

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