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Clear Men Fresh Tips For The Successful Urban Males

Clear Men, the World’s No.1 Male Shampoo has revitalised its range with a new packaging and active bio-nutrium formulas infused with ginseng, tea tree and mint that promote ultimate 24-hour freshness. Besides just creating an awesome new shampoo, the good people in Unilever also wants to make sure you’re getting the best out of your shampoo. They researched over 100 facts about scalp health, dandruff and general grooming to come up with Clear Men Fresh Tips for the successful urban males of today.

Clear Men Shampoo For Successful Urban Males - AspirantSG

Fresh tip #1

Never use your girlfriend’s shampoo.

Fresh tip #8

Eat green veggies for great scalp & hair.

Fresh Tip #10

Use the correct amount of shampoo.

Fresh tip #15

Drink water to avoid dandruff.

Fresh tip #26

Beer is good for hair.

If you crave for even more fresh tips, check out Clear Men Youtube Channel for new videos. You can also interact with them through Clear Men Fan Page or ClearHair Twitter. Before you go, enjoy the read up on 2 of their latest shampoo for successful urban males. Which suits you best?

Clear Man Shampoo For Successful Urban Male Product - AspirantSG

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