Children Books That Has Inspired Travel To Real World Places

When I saw this beautiful infographic showcasing gorgeous real world places that have appeared in popular children storybooks, I could not resist sharing it on my blog.

Published by CheapFlights, we can see that a lot of the beautiful scenery and history of the United Kingdom has been the inspiration for many children’s stories. From the Lake District setting of Peter Rabbit to the castles and cathedrals used in Harry Potter films, there are some amazing places to visit.

Remember to share with us your favourite real world places among these children books selection in the comment section below.

Children Guide To Travel

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  1. Lori Willis

    Very Nice Blog Post! Thanks For Writing it! <3 it!

  2. prowebguru

    I loved both reading & watching Harry Potter Collection.

  3. Love the infographic Wee Heng, very inventive of CheapFlights 🙂 Thanks for sharing – it goes very well with a couple of the things that I do so will be sharing it.

  4. Nice article. I enjoyed reading through it!

  5. I have read almost all of the stories. I love to read a book and be transported to another time and place. Anything that will encourage children to pick up a book is good in my eyes.

  6. Great post, Wee Heng. It’s a perfect way to demonstrate how books and movies can mentally and visually transport us to places we may not be able to go, be it physically or otherwise.

  7. such a cool blog post! My children & I read books every night … the imagination will stay with them forever!

  8. amidiabetic

    It’s a bit of a shame that we need to see a movie to realise just what beauty is on our doorstep.

  9. I think that this post was very cool. It is definitely interesting to see where people may or may not have gotten their inspiration for their works over the years…. Well done mate, well done!


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