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Charr’d Singapore – Get Fired Up For Halal A5 Kuroge Wagyu Beef

Beef and steak lovers now have another reason to rejoice and another steakhouse to haunt with the launch of Charr’d Singapore, the island’s first halal restaurant to fire up the prized A5 Kuroge Wagyu beef from the Mie Prefecture. From the same team behind Tomahawk King, Charr’d Singapore presents a casual fine dining experience that is as unique as it is delicious. It is the only restaurant in Singapore to buy and import whole A5 Wagyu Kuroge cows from Japan for the freshest and most sustainable source.

To the uninitiated, Kuroge beef is the pinnacle of Japanese beef, bred and produced from Japan’s rich and natural environment of Mie Prefecture, the same home of the globally renowned Matsusaka beef. Mie Wagyu stands out from the rest for its fat, which is the source of the beef’s flavour. It tastes best when it is rendered just optimally to a delicate fat-melting point to melt on the tongue.

Charr’d Singapore – Mains Charr’d to Perfection

Charr’d fires up its grill with three types of Kuroge A5 Wagyu. The A5 Ribeye ($48) brings to the table 100 grams of A5 Japanese Wagyu ribeye, grilled with little more than a seasoning of flaky salt to your choice of doneness. Similarly, the A5 Sirloin ($38) grills 100 grams of Japanese Wagyu sirloin while the A5 Tenderloin ($58) serves up 100 grams of A5 Japanese Wagyu tenderloin steak.

Taste them as standalone steaks for full satisfaction, or all of them on a Heavenly Meat Board ($198) that serves 3-4 pax with a medley of the select cuts in one seating, complemented with a choice of two sauces.

An alternative is the Butcher’s Secret ($28) that gives 200 grams of Australian grain-fed hangar steak. If steak isn’t your flavour of the day, the Charr’d Lamb Rack ($38) grills up 200 grams of Australian lamb rack and serves it with a house mint sauce. Fish options are included with the Charr’d Salmon ($22) of 200 grams of Norwegian salmon drizzled with a house-made bearnaise sauce.

Choose to have your perfect cut of beef, lamb or salmon with 5 sauce choices that include the House Bearnaise ($5), Chimichurri ($5), Wasabi Mayo ($4), Yakiniku No Tare ($4) or Ghost Peppercorn Mayo ($4).

Charr’d Singapore – Starters, Sides and Dessert for Delicious Complements

Kick off your meal with starters that are equally as enticing with options of A5 Wagyu Cubes ($19) of succulent A5 wagyu served with shimeji mushrooms, baby spinach and a light sprinkle of flaky salt as well as Salmon Cube Taré ($14) of charred salmon belly nuggets glazed with yakiniku no tare and served with snow pea shoots, caramelized onion, and a house bearnaise sauce.

The perfect complements to your meal are potato sides like Truffle Fries ($13), twice-fried beef tallow shoestring fries, enriched with thyme smoked olive oil aioli and finished off with shredded parmesan and spring onion and Mentaiko Jojos ($12) of twice-fried beef tallow wedges drizzled with lashings of charred mentaiko sauce and topped with tobiko, nori and spring onion.

Vegetable options balance things out with Charr’d Broccoli ($12) of crunchy broccoli charred over open fire and tossed with roasted pine nuts, chilli shavings, bonito flakes and an appetite-whetting miso vinegar as well as Cream’d Moonlight Spinach ($13) of spinach cooked in a rich Parmigiano-Reggiano cream and embellished with charred pine nuts, nutmeg and an onsen egg for extra creaminess. Clean and simple flavours are served up with Charr’d Edamame ($6) seasoned with just flaky salt.

For a sweet end, the House Croffles ($13) make for satisfying bites of waffle-pressed croissant topped with dark chocolate gelato, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry on top, while the House Brownie ($12) will satiate all chocolate cravings with a dark chocolate brownie baked with sea salt and walnuts, crowned with Charr’d burnt cheesecake gelato, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry.

Wash it all down with a selection of drinks including exciting mocktails like Smoke Above Water ($12) that brews the fragrance of ginger, smoked oak, wild mint, lemon juice and orange, topped off with soda for a sparkling finish. The Greenhouse Effect ($12) blends green apple, elderflower and orange with bubbly sprite for refreshing floral sips while the First Glimmer of Dawn ($12) draws the best of red grapefruit, osmanthus, lemon juice and ginger ale highlighted with soda and mint. Last but not least, the Muscat Kick Fix ($12) is a fruit concoction of white grape, elderflower, orange and sprite soda.

Charr’d Singapore – The Interiors

In a casual space of smoky black ceilings and dark wood furniture, Charr’d fires up to life by neon red and orange light, reenacting the inner furnace of its grill ovens. This first fun, fiery introduction to its menu sets the pace for a perfect night out of Charr’d’s best steaks, burgers and side bites.

Unwind and chill in an unpretentious space serving up only good cut meats, quality dishes and no-frill sides for an alternative way of enjoying meats and more. Grab a mocktail, a few friends and have dessert after dinner. Charr’d is here so you can chill out.

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