Cavalia Singapore – Equestrian Ballet Under White Theatre Tent

Conceived by Normand Latourelle, one of the co-founders of famed Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia is a fresh mix of equestrian and performing arts, multimedia and special effects, innovatively integrating acrobatics, dance, aerial stunts and live music. I was thrilled to received an invitation to its VIP Social Media Night where I get to dine, wine and watch this magnificent performance under the White Theatre Tent located next to Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Like a majestic white cathedral with its four towers extending 99 feet high against our city skyline, the Big Top under which Cavalia presents its marvellous equestrian ballet can accommodates up to 2,000 spectators.

The White Theatre Tent Of Cavalia - AspirantSG














The Cavalia village includes six tents: the White Big Top, the Rendez-Vous VIP tent, the General Admission Entrance tent, one artistic & warm-up tent, the stables and the staff cafeteria. Having wore my Transitions Signature lenses the entire day, I decided to have them for the evening performance too. With them on, I realised that my eyes are significantly less strained by harsh sunlight experience in my daily life. When I head out of home or office, the photochromic technology behind these lenses turned dark double quick time once they are exposed to the sun’s UV light. Varying degree of darkness based on level of UV present gave me the optimal level of light for comfortable vision. With my Transitions Signature lenses, my eyes are never subjected to over or under compensated protection from harmful UV light.

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The show combines advanced technology and the fundamental relationship that humans have developed with horses throughout time; enabling us to build bridges between cultures, to expand civilization and now to produce the purest form of art, one created through kindness, patience, and love. To date, Cavalia has visited 65 cities in Canada, The United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia and the Middle East with more than 2,500 performances over the course of 5 years. Here’s a toast from the Rendez-Vous VIP tent to one of the great equestrian show in Singapore

Cavalia Wine & Dine Under VIP Tent - AspirantSG
The show opens with a Prologue – serenading the audiences with soothing vocals, music, acrobats and our first delightful appearance of our four-legged stars.

Cavalia Singapore Prologue - AspirantSG



















Grande Chevauchee & Liberty – A show unlike any other, Cavalia celebrates the relationship between humans and horses, virtually reinventing the equestrian arts. A total of 50 horses representing 11 different breeds from France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, the United States, Australia and the Netherlands participated in the performance. The Cavalia approach is based on training methods designed to ensure the horses enjoy training with them and performing on stage. Trainers pay close attention to the horses to ensure that every request is adapted and respectful of what they are ready to offer. You will be surprised to know that most of their horses are bilingual – trained in French & English.

Grande Cheauchee & Liberty


















Lasso was highly energetic! We have always watched cowboy shows on tv where the hero uses a long rope with a running noose at one end to capture wild horses, raging bulls or human villains. This is seeing it life from a lady who is a true master of the art!  

Lasso Cavalia Singapore - AspirantSG


















Guineans showcased the acrobatic feats of the performers in the show! Damn, I envious their abdominal muscles. These talented performers dance, deliver amazing somersaults and balance themselves on top of one another to form a giant human structure. The pivotal rotation of the giant human structure was totally unbelievable. Cavalia involves a total of 46 artists, acrobats, dancers, musicians and riders from Canada, France, Belgium, the United States, Guinea, Morocco, Australia and Moldavia.

Guineans Cavalia Singapore - AspirantSG



















The Ball – Be in awe by the superior balancing skill of this performer on a huge round ball. Walking on the ball looked second nature to him. Even hand treading on the ball felt effortless to him!

The Ball Cavalia Singapore - AspirantSG

Voltige En Rond to me was kind of like the warm up to the more exciting performance ahead!

Voltige En Rond Cavalia Singapore - AspirantSG



















But it did give me time to snap a photo to show you my view through Transitions Signature lenses when they are used indoors! The exclusive Chromea7™ photochromic technology allows these lenses to clear up indoor almost instantaneously! Through my lenses, I get to fully appreciate its play of colors and watch the performance in its natural hue. With Transitions Signature lenses, traditional sunglasses to me have become a thing of the past. My lenses now react to my lifestyle without me having to lift a finger. How liberating!

Watching Cavalia Through Transitions Lens - AspirantSG

Voltige En Rond is also called the ‘Bareback Act’, enjoy the performance:

Fly was a feast for the eyes. Handsome stallions accompanied with graceful ‘floating’ aerial straps ladies painted a mystical picturesque scene that still lingers in my mind today. The silks used for the beautiful costumes are hand-dyed in Montreal.

Fly Cavalia Singapore - AspirantSG



















Roman Riding is where the full adrenaline fun starts! Instead of riding on their horses, the riders executed mind-blowing stunts while having one of their legs on each horses.

Roman Riding Cavalia Singapore - AspirantSG



















Galloping horses and rowdy stunts riders screams ‘Freedom’!

Make sure you finish the video to catch the climax:

Pieds Percussions tested the steed reaction to music. It ‘dances’ to the rhythm and perhaps contributed to the music by tapping on its hooves.

Pieds Percussions Cavalia Singapore - AspirantSG
Encounter satisfy our inner desire to see a herd of gorgeous white horses roaming and running carefree against a lush forest backdrop. It does remind me a little of a scene from one of the Lord Of The Rings movie.

Encounter Cavalia Singapore - AspirantSG

Watch this lovely sight on video:

Fantasia featured many horse riding stunts as well as many different variations of the same tricks, with each rider having their own individual style.

Cavalia Singapore Fantasia - AspirantSG

Freedom – Before this scene, pouring rain was seen. It was as though the tent had been broken through by ravaging downpour outside. The initial sand-covered stage was quickly filled up with water, turning it into a shallow lake. But it was all part of the show. It didn’t take long for horses, riders and acrobats to go splashing through the water in the finale. First row audiences please be prepared to get wet!

Cavalia Singapore Freedom - AspirantSG



















That rounds up the entire performance! Bravo!

Cavalia Singapore Performance End - AspirantSG
After the performance, Rendez-vous VIP & Horse Lovers Package Holders get to enjoy an exclusive stable tour.

Eric Paquette Cavalia Behind The Scene - AspirantSG


You will get to see the riders intimate behind the scene moments with their horses such as the daily braiding of their horses’ mane. This was done to prevent the steed from chewing on them at night. Each horse has their own name and stable. It’s interesting to note that all horses need to go for their personal grooming – unbraiding of mane, shower and saddle up before each performance.

Cavalia Singapore Backstage - AspirantSG



















Before we leave the tent and call it a night, how can I miss snapping a wefie with the Stars of Cavalia!

Wefie with the Stars of Cavalia Singapore - AspirantSG


Cavalia Singapore is one hell of a show everyone must go for! Given the ongoing demand and strong ticket sales, the producers of the equestrian extravaganza are delighted to announce new dates on sales until September 2014! VIP experience where you get to meet the horses, have dinner and get the best seats close to the action are also available.

Make your booking fast to avoid disappointment! For a detailed list of show dates and reservations, please visit

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