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Caturday Cat Cafe – Dine With Gorgeous Cats In Bangkok Thailand

It is interesting that I only got to experience dining at Cats Cafe in Bangkok when there are quite a number of pets cafes in Singapore. Caturday Cat Cafe is a highly raved cat cafe in Bangkok that’s conveniently located at Cocowalk, right next to Ratchathewi BTS. Just head down the stairs from Exit 2 and turn into the alley of Guts Restaurant and you should be able to find it. Other than the huge cat mascot, there are also some wandering cats at its entrance!

Caturday Cats Cafe Bangkok Thailand - AspirantSG

Once greeted by their staff, you will be guided to drop off your shoes and wash your hands before entering the cat cafe.

Washing hands before entering Caturday Bangkok - AspirantSG

There are strict rules to be followed in the cat cafe. Obey them or be prepared to face cat-astrophic consequences!

Rules At Caturday Cat Cafe Bangkok - AspirantSG

Say Yes to everything (make sure you meant it) and you will be granted entry into cats haven! Find your preferred small table and get yourself comfy with a cushion for your butt.

Caturday Cat Cafe Interior - AspirantSG

Gorgeous cats are everywhere. Aww… we couldn’t bear to wake her up for our menus….

DSC07634 (1)

After a quick order, we are ready to interact with these felines! The cat cafe has thoughtfully prepared some of their favourite toys for their guests. There are also adorable kitty hairbands for selfie queens.

Toys to entice cats at Caturday Cats Cafe - AspirantSG

While some of the cats give the ‘don’t disturb me’ look…

DSC07618 (1)

Others are extremely friendly and ever so curious. Hello! What are you having?

Curious cats at Caturday Cats Cafe - AspirantSG

My Matcha Milk Tea Frappe (138 Baht) came pretty fast.

Matcha Milk Tea Frappe Caturday Cats Cafe Bangkok - AspirantSG

I never had high expectations of the food at cat cafes as the emphasis would usually be on the feline hence I was pleasantly surprised with my Baked Spinach With Cheese (128 Baht).

DSC07570 (1)

Their Rainbow Crepe Cake With Strawberry Sauce (138 Baht) really wowed me over! It looked and tasted amazing! I would give Choco Lava Served With Whip Cream & Ice Cream (148 baht) a miss the next time I visit.

DSC07585 (1)

Digging into the sweet coloured layers was pure joy and there is just something sexy about pouring thick rich strawberry sauce over it. I bet the Thai Ice Tea Crepe taste great too. Do order it and share your review in the comments section below.

DSC07591 (1)

Having satisfied our tummies, we turned our attention to the beautiful cats around us.

Taking Photos Of Cats At Caturday Cafe Bangkok - AspirantSG

Some were pretty easy targets

DSC07554 (1)

While others requires a little bit of coaxing.

Cats with beautiful eyes Caturday Cafe Bangkok - AspirantSG

Nevertheless given their natural beauty, you are promised a library of gorgeous cats photos after every visit.

Cats At Play Caturday Cafe Bangkok - AspirantSG

Some of these dignified felines are even game for selfies with you!

Cats Selfies Caturday Bangkok - AspirantSG

We totally enjoyed our short afternoon tea with these pretty felines.

Cat By The Window Caturday Cafe Bangkok - AspirantSG

If you are keen to bring back memories, you can always purchase some of their cute merchandise and collectibles home.

Caturday Cafe Collectibles Bangkok - AspirantSG

For cats lovers, we strongly recommend that you plan a short 2 – 3hours stay at this lovely cat cafe the next time you visit Bangkok. Please see the full information of the cafe for your convenience:

Caturday Cat Cafe

Address: 4.5 Cocowalk Avenue via BTS Rachathewi Station (Exit 2), Bangkok Thailand l Opening Hours: 12pm – 9.30 (Tues – Fri) & 11am – 9.30pm (Sat – Sun) l Tel: 026565247 l Facebook: Caturday l Instagram: @Caturday

If you love pets and would like to check out other pets cafes in Bangkok, do read my post on our list of the Best Cat & Dog Cafes in Bangkok too.

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