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CAPASSO: Creative Italian Cuisine & Storied Bar Collection In CBD

CAPASSO lands right in the heart of the bustling business district of Singapore, and adds a charm of its own to the mix. Challenging the stigma that whiskies are predominantly for men, CAPASSO aims to provide an equal space for women whisky drinkers to imbibe. To match its storied collection of wines, whiskies and special cocktails, the menu features bold takes on traditional Italian dishes. The designer outfit by greymatters is segmented by blue velvet curtains to offer different vibes from the private dining spaces to the show kitchen counter, and the private room.

The founders, after having had countless corporate lunches, business meetings and networking events, were inspired to envision this space that seamlessly caters for all of the above, while offering a truly interesting collection of whiskies and wines. To match, the food is meticulously designed by Chef Fernando Arévalo with the freshest ingredients curated by him and his team.

“We hope to provide a food haven within a sanctuary and a space for forging new connections among those who appreciate collectible bottles and produce-driven cuisine. As diners step into the space that we have built from scratch, we want them to feel at home, yet experience excitement through the ambience,” shares the founders.


Inspired by memories of Chef Fernando’s grandfather, the experience is a breath of fresh air with contemporary Italian dishes. The menu starts with appetising Small Plates such as the Anchovies Del Nono — a cold dish where fresh, sweet figs are paired with large, briney Serrats Anchovies served with Champagne Vinegar and Vanilla, and Fernando’s take on the Burrata Parmegiana, an ingenious combination of traditional Burrata and Parmegiana, where creamy burrata skin encases a luxurious mix of stracciatella cheese and white eggplants, served with clarified tomato water, micro basil salad and extra virgin olive oil.

Begin your meal with Pane Della Casa, a koji-based house-baked sourdough. Koji, the product of cooked rice inoculated with fermentation culture full of umami flavour, permeates the crusty bread. This sourdough with a soft and fluffy centre acts as the ideal vessel for the Anchovies del Nono, perfect with a glass of bubbly. An elevation of the humble vegetable, the Patate Gratinate sees mandolin-sliced Russet potatoes marinated with salt and garlic, topped with paprika aioli then crowned with generous shavings of parmesan and chives. This golden tower is the perfect accompaniment to any main dish.

The vegetarian Zucca Salvia is inspired by the traditional Tortellini Di Zucca, where agnolotti is filled with housemade squash puree marinated with honey and amaretto, cooked in a sauce made with Parmesan Il Borgo, then topped with Aged Balsamic to elevate the dish.

The unconventional pairing of spicy Nduja sauce and salted egg surprises the diners in the Nduja e Uni, which sits atop a bed of squid ink pasta. Rustically plated, the Anatara e Rosmarino features meticulously hand-pulled pasta encasing umami duck confit sitting atop a silky smooth sunchoke puree. This is topped with fried pork skin that is surprisingly airy, adding a light crunch to the dish.

The Sella Di Agnello will convert lamb sceptics with the fine young lamb saddle from Australia. The protein is first pan-seared for perfectly crisp skin, then cooked in the oven whole. To finish, the meat is then portioned, de-boned and crisped in the Josper. Paired with fermented mushroom glaze and a moreish sauce of onions and yoghurt, this dish will be every meat-lover’s dream.

Perfect for sharing, diners should try the 1.1kg Costata di Manzo, a bone-in ribeye that boasts a luxurious flavourful marbling. Cooked in the Josper oven, this flame-kissed cut of meat boasts a smoky barbecue charred exterior and a melt-in-mouth, pink centre.

CAPASSO – Beverages

Here at CAPASSO, be spoilt for choice with stylish swigs from its cocktail, wine and whisky lists. CAPASSO whips up a mean Nobligespresso with a twist – by replacing the conventional Vodka with a special selection of whisky mix for added depths, while a butterscotch liqueur and torched milk cap rounds off the beverage. Reminiscent of South East Asian flavours, the Everything Spice features mezcal and amaretto paired with chilli padi, lime and ginger for added zing before it is shaken with egg whites for a smooth mouthfeel.

Whisky enthusiasts can enjoy a handpicked selection of famous distilleries from around the world, including numerous unique bottles from independent whisky makers, and enjoy the fine spirits by the bottle or in drams. You can also indulge in an exclusive range of champagnes or savour from the rich tapestry of terroirs where CAPASSO’s carefully procured selection of Old and New World wines come from. Whether for a precursor to dinner, or after-meal drinks, CAPASSO’s cushioned velvet seats lit by the amber glow from the crystal chandeliers in the lounge will make the perfect intimate space for friends and associates to gather and toast to the day.

CAPASSO – Interiors  

CAPASSO offers a unique experience in the Central Business District and is a standout space among a wide choice of international restaurants and bars.

As you walk in through the brass doors with handles cheekily sculpted after a sensual female figure, they are greeted with a custom-made marble pedestal and an artisanal chandelier made up of 200 crystals. The interiors aim to achieve harmony between masculinity and femininity in the space through colours and details. The use of deep blue velvet, glass, marble and brass flows throughout the space and represents bold masculinity, while the velvet curtains represent the softness of a woman.

CAPASSO – A Space That Flows Seamlessly

Carefully thought through by award-winning interior firm greymatters, two main spaces centre CAPASSO. Right beside the entrance, a statement piece aptly titled ‘Dark Matter’ by Lauren Baker, a contemporary multidisciplinary artist who exhibits internationally, captures the attention with contrasting white neon and black-out paint dazzled with hand-applied diamond dust.

Over at both the lounge and show kitchen, natural skylights seep through, adding a layer of softness. The rest of the space is segmented into cosy areas where each serves a different purpose, creating a rhythmic experience for everyone.

In the main dining room, wall mirrors hand-painted with sensuous life-size figures sit above the plush velvet cushioned banquette seating. Gorgeous chairs designed by Patricia Urquiola, one of the most lauded designers in Milan spruces up the same dining area, while an artisan chandelier and greymatters-designed saddle leather chairs fill the private dining room.

CAPASSO is an inclusive haven for patrons to enjoy tipples and the Italian culinary heritage in captivating interiors where rustic elements meet modern aesthetics. With a dedication to creating different experiences for everyone, it seeks to be one’s comfort after a long day, yet an atmospheric space for forging new connections.

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