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Utterly ugly.

You stripped me,

Hit me,

Oh how you humiliated me!

You thought I would cry,

You said I would die,

You shook me so hard

And screamed at me

To say goodbye.

But I didn’t want to go,

And so I said no,

I let my spirit grow

And let my fire glow,

I’ve beaten you somehow

And can stand before you now.

Now listen to me speak,

Don’t think I am weak,

Don’t think I am meek,

My life is not bleak.

Don’t think you can break me

Ever again.

I’m assuming I’ve caught your attention.

I’ve never been a guest blogger before. I’m really touched by the chance to be a guest blogger on AspirantSG. Thanks a million for this kindness and opportunity to speak my mind here.

I’m Brinda and I have cancer. It tried to be a death sentence but I didn’t give it my permission. I could have died if I hadn’t discovered that colossal lump in my breast early enough… Yes, I could have but I didn’t. I didn’t want to die, but oh, what a fight it put up.

Cancer is close to my heart – literally – because I know first-hand how devastating and life-threatening it is. I’ve seen it destroy relationships and lives. I’ve seen it crumble people and make them fear for their lives. It is a beast of an illness.

Brinda Naidu – Bald & Beautiful Late 2012

When I was diagnosed, I knew I needed a way to cope with it. I braced myself for the worst and set up my own support network. I allowed my emotions to flow freely and openly shared my experience with whoever was willing to hear. As an adult, I could do all this. Adults cope, don’t we? We have to… But what about children?

One morning, I sat in the crowded waiting area of the nuclear medicine wing at the hospital. Seated before me was a young boy of seven or perhaps eight. Like me, he had sparse hair. But whilst my scars remained hidden, his ran the length of his scalp. It was a jarring testimony to his battle. I shuddered to think of the pain and terror he had endured in his young life. Can you imagine someone cutting open your skull and slicing into your brain? I can’t.

He turned to speak with his mother. A soft voice, so broken. I teared and wished his illness away. Ringed with shadows of darkening greyness, his eyes spoke of a hopelessness too painful to describe. I overheard his mother trying to calm his nerves and reassure him. I knew he didn’t want to be there. Perhaps he wanted to be with his friends playing and having fun. Perhaps he wanted to be home reading a book. Perhaps he wanted his life to be as it once was. I don’t know. I only knew that in his innocence and youth, he was shattered; the world had let him down badly. He wasn’t allowed to be a child. Instead, he had been forced to grow up quickly and deal with his brush with death.

I cannot understand the purpose of cancer and I abhor it when it attacks young children. It goes against the grand scheme of things. Children should be safe, healthy and happy. Not afraid, ill and miserable. I wish I could have done something for that young child that day but I was too weak myself then. I’m better now, though. I’m glad for that because I now have the energy and clarity of mind to make a difference to the lives of many children.

The Children’s Cancer Foundation in Singapore has been holding the Hair for Hope fund-raising event for a decade. Every year, hundreds line up to have their hair shaved off and they tirelessly rally support for the foundation. I’m no different this year. I’ll be shaving my hair off on 28 July 2013 at Vivocity at noon.

AspirantSG - Hair For Hope 2013

Yes, I’ll be shaving off my chemo curls – the locks that took so long to grow back. I’m sacrificing my crowning glory so that children who live with cancer can have a better today. It is the least I can do. Tomorrow might be too late for them.

Brinda Naidu – Bold & Beautiful (Mid 2013)

Please Donate For Children Suffering From Cancer

I am just one person – one person who is trying to block the surge of cancer from destroying the lives of so many children. I can only do so much. It would be a different story altogether if you could stand beside me. It would help tremendously if you could make a donation to the foundation. You could do it via this link:

I do need your help. Please.

Check out Brinda’s Hair For Hope Process!

About The Guest Blogger

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you’d like to read more about my thoughts about life and journey with cancer or would like to taste more of my poetry, please do visit my blogs at,, and

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  1. Thank you for the heartfelt sharing Brin!

  2. Brinda Naidu

    Thank you so much! I hope this will go some way in helping the foundation raise more money for the children.

  3. Kalimuthu Ramanujam

    well done Brinda! the cosmos is interconnected —-beautiful positive energy–via your thoughts and actions.
    k suppamal


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