Cable Car Sky Dining – Unforgettable 4-Course Dinner In Stardust Cabin

I can still vaguely remember fond memories of my first cabin car experience to Sentosa Island when I was a child. You can imagine our family’s excitement when we were offered a chance to experience our first Cable Car Sky Dining. We get to cosy up in our very own private cable car cabin and savour a delectable 4-course meal, as we take in Singapore’s cityscape set against the romantic night sky with Stardust Cabin. As One Faber Group celebrates Singapore Cable Car 45th Anniversary this year, be sure to capture photos with some of their iconic cable car cabin displays on Mount Faber! 

Cable Car Sky Dining – What You Should Know

The dinner starts officially from 6pm. While waiting for your cabin to be ready, you will be offered either a choice of sparkling wine or fruit punch and some light tidbits. The last timing for boarding will be at 7.00pm. If you arrive after 7pm, you will have to be contented with a shorten dinner duration of 2 rounds instead of 3 rounds. A vegetarian menu is also available upon request. We are all ready to board our cabin with our welcome drinks!

For your safety and in compliance with the guidelines set out by BCA (Building & Construction Authority), helium balloons and any flammable items are strictly not allowed inside the cable car. The cabin interior is well-lit by an electric lamp which you can adjust the lighting by just tapping it lightly. Cable Car Sky Dining – The Feast Of Sight & Taste Begins 

Our cabin was already filled with the delicious aroma of our Wild Mushroom Soup With Porcini Dust & White Truffle Oil when we enter.

It came together with our appetiser – Lightly Smoked Duck Breast With Nutty Rocket Mix & Marinated Vine Tomatoes, Lavendar-infused Vinaigrette. While we were enjoying our first 2-course, our eyes feasted on the gorgeous daylight scenery as the cabin made its round on the Faber Line.

The next time we reached Mount Faber Station, our servers did an impressive job clearing away our plates and serving up our mains! Behold, our Slow-Braised TenderWagyu Beef Cheek In Port Wine Reduction Brown Jus presented on a bed of potatoes mousseline & casserole of root vegetables! We appreciate the effort to serve hot dishes on warm plates despite the super short turnaround.

The other main was Pan-Roasted Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Mediterranean vegetable stew and potato gateau, apple cider cream sauce. Both mains were surprisingly professional and satisfying for a 4-course dinner served in a cable car cabin. Do pardon slight messy presentation for both our mains as we took the photo after a few bites (they looks so tasty that we forgot to take the photos first before eating. No fault of the servers). Each of the mains was paired with either a glass of red or white.

The sweet ending for the meal was Champagne Lychee with vine berries & raspberry coulis. 

You have a choice of either coffee or tea to finish off your meal while taking in the beautiful evening view of Mount Faber, Harbourfront and Sentosa Island. The skies will also be lit up by sparkling lights from neighbouring cabins as they glide past.  Overall, it was an unforgettable meal for my family. To be honest, we thought it might be a rather gimmicky meal where the focus was on the novelty experience. But the service, food and beverage quality, as well as the gradual transition from day to night on-board the Stardust Cabin, made it a magical experience.   

To book your own experience, visit here. A piece of quick advice before we end off the article – if you are someone who loves to take photos and videos of your experience, you are going to be pretty busy. Each round will offer a different perspective as the day transits into the evening. Remember to have fun! We ended the evening catching the National Day fireworks from the Padang. It was a lovely evening for the whole family. 

View our full experience in GoPro video below!

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  1. Wow what a lovely experience. I loved the photos too. It’s really a big and new opportunity to have dinner in a cable car. I would love to dobe part of these kinds of new and amzing ideas. Hopefully I will do once in my lifetime. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. I’m visiting singapore first week in September and i can’t wait to go on this ride. The scenery is so beautiful. Is it best to go in the evening?


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