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How To Pick Cooling Racks In A Commercial Bakery: Bun Pan Rack Benefits

Commercial bakers rack is a piece of essential equipment for storage of baked products, such as doughnuts, cookies, cakes, bagels, pies, muffins, snack cakes, etc., in bakeries, cafes, and pizzerias. Being the perfect solution for cooling as well as for storing prepared goods, commercial racks are also amazing savers of space. Stationary options are solid and steady while mobile bun pan racks with casters are great for smooth and unhindered products moving from one place to another. The key benefits are:

  • easy to wash and clean;
  • suitable for products of different sizes;
  • 100% high-quality product with antibacterial properties.

Metal commercial bakery racks are the strongest and most durable equipment, available in various modifications. Metal racks with anti-corrosion coating withstand high loads, pressure, damages, are impervious to deformation and adverse external factors. Choosing the right storage system is essential for an establishment that sells baked goods. Rational placement of equipment with access to goods stored there is the main condition for effective organization of work and space management. Commercial metal racks, regardless of their purpose and design, are manufactured in compliance with the general principles:

  • ensuring the strength and exceptional longevity of the structure;
  • resistance to deterioration during transportation and installation;
  • withstanding wear and tear.

It is possible to easily stack all baked goods on the sheet pan rack that ensures air circulation between its levels. Thus, pastries can cool instantly without being exposed to the dust, dirt, bacteria that can accumulate if a rack is poorly ventilated. Before purchasing this equipment, consider rack capacity, weight capacity, availability of non-marking wheels that won’t leave any marks and scuffs after you clean the floor, fully assembled dimensions (depth, width, height) to be sure it will fit the room space perfectly. And always pay attention to no less important feature – material.

Reasons why stainless steel bakery pan racks are the smartest choice

Looking for an economical solution for transporting bun pans or convenient storing of up to 20 sheet pans with goods in one location, make sure to buy stainless steel options since this material is ideal for commercial spaces. Metal commercial oven racks are the strongest and most durable equipment, available in various modifications.

Great resistance to structural damages: intensive use of racks assumes exposure to various impacts, such as high temperatures, cleansers and chemicals, excessive moisture. However, stainless steel is the guarantee of reliable performance, as it retains its shape and form through the years.

Promotes hygiene and complies with sanitary norms: no scratches, crevices, cracks, or grooves won’t appear on the surfaces of all types of metal equipment, including commercial racks. Thus, germs and harmful microorganisms won’t hide and accumulate in those small openings. This is unacceptable for the foodservice industry. Moreover, after simple cleaning with mild detergent, soft close, and warm water, stainless steel pan racks will remain tidy and fresh for a long period, so you may not worry that some sticky dirt will affect the taste and quality of stored items.

Impervious to corrosion: resisting humidity, bun pan racks won’t rust even if you skip treating and processing with a special anti-corrosion product.

Apart from bakery racks, you can consider working tables, sinks, wall mounting shelves, and other long-lasting furniture for your food establishment offered by a reputable and dependable supplier like AmGoodSupply. Select only the right equipment to simplify and facilitate the daily kitchen routine.

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