What Implant Should I Consider For My Breast Augmentation?

So you have finally decided to go for breast augmentation but don’t know what type to go for? Getting breast implants is a big decision that requires a lot of research and considerations. You should get a qualified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure if you want the process to be successful. It is prudent to know about the procedure, different implants, recovery, financial requirements, and complications. 

Get the Right Surgeon

Before settling for any cosmetic surgery procedure, you should get a professional and experienced plastic surgeon. With the rising cases of cosmetic surgeries, it is very easy to get a bogus surgeon advertising themselves as experienced even without the requisite experience.

You should start your research by getting a list of plastic surgeons. Consult friends who have undergone the same procedure. Talk with your gynaecologist or physician. They are in a better position to refer you to a qualified plastic surgeon.

Getting referred by someone who has received breast implants is the best option. Once you have armed yourself with names, schedule brief, free consultations with different surgeons and made your pick, be as inquisitive as you can to ensure you settle for the best plastic surgery expert. You do not want to end up with botched breasts.

There are various things that a plastic surgeon will do and advise you before clearing you for the procedure. They include:

  • The surgeon will request for your mammogram or your breasts X-rays. These are important in helping the surgeon rule out any abnormality in your breasts and get a clear preoperative image of the tissue present.
  • You will be advised to stay away from food and drinks after midnight on the night before your surgery. Also, you are supposed to bring loose-fitting clothes that include a loose bra that doesn’t have an underwire to wear after the procedure. If you plan to leave the hospital the same day you get operated on, you will need someone to drive you home.
  • The surgeon will also let you know the extent of the surgery, how long it will take, and the post-surgery plans they have, including pain management and nausea.

What Type of Breast Implant Should I Choose

Apart from breast projection, volume, and width, there are other options to choose from to meet your goals of getting the best possible results. They include:

  • Implant surface; smooth or textured
  • Implant shape; shaped or round
  • Implant composition; silicon or saline
  • Implant manufacturer; Allergan or mentor

On your first consultation, you should be able to sample different types of implants by looking and feeling them. This will help you choose an implant that suits you. The surgeon should help you with this process and even tell you the different advantages and disadvantages that accompany each type.

Smooth or Textured

The implant’s surface can be either textured or smooth. The first generation implants were made with a smooth shell, but later, a textured shell got manufactured with the sole purpose of minimizing the likelihood of implant hardening.

Because textured implants have a rough surface, they are made with a thicker shell to compensate for that. These implants have a higher risk or visible ripping and have a harder feel. If you are looking for a better result with a natural feel, go for smooth implants.

Round or Shaped

Breast implants can either be rounded or shaped, which are also referred to as teardrop or anatomic. Round implants tend to be symmetric, while the latter types tend to have more volume on the lower side than the upper one, which is why they have a teardrop shape. Shaped implants will give you a more natural look although most women prefer rounded implants due to the fullness they offer.

Most plastic surgeons prefer to use shaped implants for reconstruction surgery, which is usually done on cancer survivors. For those wishing for breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons and already have natural looking breasts, going overboard with the teardrop effect using a shaped implant will not yield a full breast look.

Silicone or Saline

Both of these implants come with their own advantages. The good news is that both can yield excellent results

Silicone breast implants tend to have a more natural look and come in fixed sizes. Adjusting their size during surgery is hard. They are made of a solid silicone shell and are filled with a cohesive silicone gel. The thickness of the silicone fill is the same as that of natural breast tissues but can be changed to offer softer or hard implants. Softer ones tend to rip easily while the hard ones are less prone to ripping.

Saline breast implants, on the other hand, have a silicone shell that gets filled during the surgery with salt water (saline). Since it is possible to fill saline implants once they have been inserted, they need smaller incisions, unlike silicone implants. They can also be customized. Any saline volume can be added to achieve the required implant size and profile. You can also fill both breasts with different volumes to adjust for mild asymmetry in natural breast volume.

Their only downside is that they don’t feel so natural and are more likely to rip than their silicone counterparts that are less prominent. Getting over-filled saline implants means less ripping and a more firm feel.

Implant Manufacturer

Two breast implants manufacturers are FDA-approved; Allergan and Mentor. Both have carried out extensive research, and their products offer high safety standards. You will get a wide range of durable and reliable saline and silicone implants that have different implant densities, shapes, texture, or profile from either of them.

After Surgery Care

You will be taken through the postoperative recovery process. This includes likely complications and how long it will take to recover. As with any surgery, expect some swelling, tenderness, and bruising. Such effects don’t last long. Expect to scar from the surgery also.

Painkillers and nausea relieving medication will be prescribed. In case of bleeding, fever, or any infection symptoms, you should consult your surgeon immediately. Remember that you should continue with mammogram tests as usual. Just ensure you tell them you have implants. Also, schedule to go for MRI screening after three years to check for ruptures if you have silicone implants.

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