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Brands For Good Charts A Path To Sustainable Impact In 2024, Unveiling Visionary Initiatives, Strategic Partnerships, And Community Empowerment

In the fast-evolving landscape of conscious leadership and sustainable business practices, Brands For Good emerges as a beacon of positive change, poised to make waves in 2024. A non-profit powerhouse, Brands For Good has already left an indelible mark, impacting 780 brands in 2023. As it sets its sights on the future, the organisation is gearing up to onboard 1,500 more companies and brands by 2024, with a resolute mission to empower a staggering 100,000 individuals in the local workforce. The unveiling of five diverse award categories, groundbreaking initiatives, strategic partnerships, and educational programs underscores Brands For Good’s commitment to fostering positive impact across diverse realms.

We speak to Alan Ng, Chairman of Brands For Good, on the inspiration, vision, and transformative initiatives in the coming year – driving the organisation’s journey towards a more sustainable and compassionate future.

AspirantSG: Alan, can you share more about the inspiration behind Brands For Good’s latest initiatives?

Alan Ng: At Brands For Good, our inspiration stems from a deep-rooted belief that businesses can be powerful agents of positive change. We are committed to driving impactful change in 2024 through strategic partnerships, educational programs, and transformative projects. We aim to extend our influence beyond boardrooms, fostering a collective consciousness for responsible and sustainable practices.

AspirantSG: The introduction of the ‘Culture For Good’ award category is intriguing. How does this align with your vision for workplace dynamics?

Alan Ng: The ‘Culture For Good’ award category is a pioneering step towards fostering kindness within workplaces. We believe that a workplace rooted in kindness and compassion not only enhances organisational culture but also contributes to broader societal well-being. By recognizing businesses that champion workplace kindness, we aim to inspire a positive shift in workplace dynamics and encourage a culture of inclusivity, understanding, and mutual respect.

AspirantSG: We are interested to find out more about Brands For Good’s substantial impact in 2023 and its ambitious goals for the coming year. How confident are you in achieving this next year, based on past years’ efforts?

Alan Ng: Brands For Good’s impactful initiatives in 2023, including the Pledge Challenge and expanding our presence in multiple countries, have laid a strong foundation. Strategic partnerships with organizations like the Singapore Kindness Movement and Automation SG have amplified our reach. Building on this success, our ambitious 2024 goals encompass initiatives like the Youth For Good campaign, ALS program, Licensing Show, Joo Chiat Community Projects, and expanded monthly workshops for regional SMEs. Our confidence in achieving these goals stems from the positive momentum generated in 2023, reflecting our unwavering commitment to driving transformative change.

Could you elaborate on the key strategies to achieve its mission of onboarding 1,500 more companies and positively impacting 100,000 individuals in the local workforce?

Alan Ng: Our strategy involves a multifaceted approach that encompasses regular workshops, seminars, and thought leadership events throughout the year. These initiatives are designed to raise awareness and inspire change within the business community. Additionally, our closed-door dialogues with ministers provide a platform for substantive discussions on responsible practices. Community engagement is also a crucial aspect, ensuring that our impact extends beyond corporate boardrooms to grassroots levels. The Accelerated Leadership in Sustainability (ALS) program, a joint effort with the Singapore Institute of Management, plays a pivotal role in equipping leaders with the skills necessary to drive sustainability in their organisations. Through this comprehensive strategy, we aim not only to meet but exceed our targets, creating a ripple effect that transcends businesses and communities.

AspirantSG: Can you elaborate on the Accelerated Leadership in Sustainability (ALS) programme, its goals and potential impact?

Alan Ng: The ALS program is designed to address the skills gap in sustainable business practices. In collaboration with SIM, we aim to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive sustainability within their organisations. This programme aligns with Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 and addresses the challenges companies face in streamlining their practices with sustainable goals. By nurturing advanced leadership skills, the ALS program contributes to creating a cohort of leaders ready to navigate the complexities of sustainability, fostering positive environmental and social impact.

AspirantSG: Brands For Good is entering into key partnerships in 2024. How do these collaborations contribute to community and business empowerment?

Alan Ng: Our partnerships are strategic and multi-faceted, emphasising community, business, and individual empowerment. Take, for instance, our collaboration with the Singapore Kindness Movement. By co-organising the ‘Culture For Good’ award, we are not only recognising businesses but also encouraging a cultural shift towards kindness within workplaces. Similarly, our partnership with AutomationSG aims to drive positive change in the employment landscape by focusing on automation, diagnostics, and empowering Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The partnership with IIPCC, offering vital IP legal advice, not only fosters innovation but also inspires responsible entrepreneurship.

Each partnership is aligned with our mission, contributing to the broader goal of fostering responsible business practices and positive societal impact.

AspirantSG: What message would you like to share with the community and businesses as Brands For Good moves forward in 2024?

Alan Ng: As we step into 2024, Brands For Good is at the forefront of impactful change. We invite the community and businesses to join us in actively driving positive transformation. This is not merely a mission but a movement towards a world where positive impact is a collective responsibility. Together, we can shape a better, more sustainable future, and we are excited about the journey ahead.

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