Bowen Terrace Accommodations – A Queenlander That Grows On You!

When I first set my eyes upon this old traditional Queenlander house, I wasn’t exactly sure if I was going to enjoy my stay at Brisbane.


It’s an old house and I am trying hard not to imagine how the long narrow corridor will look late at night.


After the usual check in procedures and the secret code to unlock the main door after dark, the friendly staff guided me to my room. It was right down the stairs to the basement.


To my absolute horror, I actually got the room at the deepest corner of basement. When I travel, I always make it a point to avoid the corner units. They tend to be a little shady in the supernatural way…. general Singaporean superstitions.


I booked a Double Standard Room for the first night as all their Single Standard Rooms were fully occupied. The room was nice and clean but I just cannot get over the fact that I am staying at the basement corner room. The windows open up to a rather dark storage place underneath the house. I am so looking forward to change to the Single Room the very next day.


The consolation was that it was pretty close to a spacious kitchen, fridge and


a really homely common living room where fellow backpackers usually hang around to watch TV and interact.


The pool, barbecue pit and pool table were also conveniently located on the same level. The house was built on slope grounds hence this lower part of the house managed to get exposed to direct sunlight.


Once I ventured out to explore the city, I got reminded why I chose Bowen Terrace Accommodation. This house is just minutes walk away from The Powerhouse which is the hub of Brisbane’s burgeoning arts and comedy scene


as well as downtown Fortitude Valley where all the hottest clubs and bars are located. That’s right you can virtually walk back home after a night of partying. Imagine your savings in term of cab fares!


Here’s a shot of the house interior when I got back late around 1am in the morning. Not as bad as I had imagined.


Nevertheless, I was extremely grateful to shift my new room the next day morning! Room No 9!


I love the room! It had a beautiful country style interior, never mind the floor (I actually never took notice of the floor prints when I was staying in it.).


Most importantly it had a window with abundance light flowing through, fresh air and some view of the neighbourhood.


My new room was on the same level as the entrance with the ‘Business Centre’ just next to it.


One can just grab a nice book


and spend the afternoon chilling out at the spacious balcony that overlooks the pool.


It was great waking up to a new day in New Farm. You can to dine at some of Brisbane’s best breakfast places like PonyCat, The Little Larder and Au Cirque which are just right round the corner from Bowen Terrace Accommodations.


Besides these cafes, you are also minutes walk away from supermarkets, pharmacies, transport, post office and banks — in fact just about anything you might need. Plus bus stops and ferry terminals offers quick & convenient access to anywhere in the city from the South Banks to West End. One direct bus to bring you to West End for dinner & a nice evening stroll.


On the last day when I was about to check out, I had a chance to get a sneak peek at their Queen Ensuite Room. It looked like the perfect honeymoon suite for lovers!


To add on to the drama, there was even a fireplace in the room. I am not sure if one is allowed to really start a fire there though…


Over the past 4 days, I have grew to love this cozy old queenlander. Here’s a quick walkthrough video of the place to sum up my post!

Here are the full details for Bowen Terrace Accommodations:

Address:  365 Bowen Terrace, New Farm, Brisbane, QLD Australia 4005


Facebook Fan Page:



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  1. Wow, thankyou for your wonderfull review Wee, we hope to see you back at Bowen Terrace again.

    Bowen Terrace

  2. Mika Douglas

    You are too generous. I would not have stayed in the basement. Shame on them for a lack of transparency.

    • I think it’s a normal decent room from Aussies. It’s just that as Asians we feel a little uncomfortable with a corner room thats in the basement. Just prefer sunlight and free flowing air.

    • Hi Mika

      All of our rooms are on the net to see we dont hide anything,different people like different rooms, if for some reason someone is not happy we are aways happy to move people if possible

      Bowen Terrace


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