BloomBack Singapore – How A Start-up Uses Flowers For Social Impact

Flowers are often associated with special occasions and celebrations. But to BloomBack Singapore, a young and dynamic start-up in Singapore, flowers hold a deeper meaning beyond their aesthetic qualities. In fact, the online floral business was launched after an experience which proved that flowers have an incredible effect on our emotional well-being.

BloomBack Singapore – The Inspiration Behind The Brand

It all began when BloomBack’s co-owner, Hazel Kweh, decided to bring home flowers from her friend’s wedding one day in the hope of cheering her sister up, who was battling depression.

Born with profound hearing loss, Hazel’s older sister, Faith, fell into depression a few years ago after a divorce and being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, an incurable genetic disorder that causes retinal degeneration and eventual vision loss.

Knowing that her sister loves flowers, Hazel involved her in an activity which she believed could bring her happiness. Together, they repackaged the flowers into little bouquets and gave them away to low-income elderly residents at Beach Road. This initiative made them realise how much joy they could bring to other people just by a simple act of giving.

What started as a passion project inspired Hazel to leave her successful career in the finance industry to create a social impact through a startup to support marginalised women like her sister and to spread happiness to others.

BloomBack Singapore – What’s On Offer?

Since 2016, BloomBack has been offering a range of eco-friendly floral gifts and lifestyle accessories, such as preserved flower domes, charms and cards, on its e-commerce platform. Moreover, Workshops-For-Good are conducted for corporate and private groups. A fraction of the profit is pumped into the following socially and environmentally conscious approaches to make a social impact on the community.

  • Disadvantaged individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and hearing impairment are trained and hired in the gifting industry
  • Flowers from events such as weddings are upcycled
  • Floral therapy workshops are hosted to promote mental wellness
  • Bloom-It-Forward: Bouquets made by repurposing flowers are donated to homes/hospices

Businesses also work with Bloomback as part of their CSR efforts. Their clients who believe in the social cause that BloomBack is passionate about, help create awareness through their business channels, as well as through the purchase of corporate gifts.

Through BloomBack’s various stakeholders, patrons will be able to contribute effortlessly yet meaningfully by “Gifting Through Flowers”.

BloomBack Singapore – Meet The Team!

Bloomback believes that every member in the society is deserving of love and attention. So they work towards supporting local marginalised communities by equipping them with various skills, making them more employable and regain their dignity and confidence. Besides Faith, there are two employees at BloomBack who have been excelling in their roles despite their hearing disabilities.

Junior, a recent member of the BloomBack team, is a jack of all trades. He takes on multiple roles such as HR, customer service, finance and order fulfilment. He never allowed his profound hearing loss on both sides of his ears and lack of clarity in his speech to be a hindrance to his work. On the other hand, digital marketer, Jorena, is the reason behind the successful brand awareness of BloomBack on online platforms. She produces high-quality work ranging from digital advertising to Search Engine Optimisation.

Both Junior and Jorena smashed the stigma that people with hearing impairment can only take on certain roles. They prove to the team everyday that they too can be incredibly talented and worthy.

BloomBack Singapore – You Can Play Your Part Too!

With a noble cause to create a social impact, BloomBack has set forth a journey to spread love, kindness and wellness through the power of flowers and hopes to inspire people to reimagine their gifting experience by choosing more eco-friendly and sustainable gifts.

Do your part to support disadvantaged communities by getting unique gifts at Alternatively, experience one-of a kind workshops to have fun while doing good with BloomBack! Check out their Instagram account @bloomback_ig for regular updates!

About Bloomback Singapore

BloomBack is a floral and lifestyle brand that specialises in using flowers to spread love, kindness, and wellness. Our unique products and services support the funding of our Bloom-it-Forward Movement where we advocate about giving second chances by repurposing event flowers to bring cheer to the marginalised community. We hope to inspire people to reimagine their gifting experience by choosing to gift sustainably and consciously.

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