Guide To Finding The Best Coworking Space In Singapore

Today, Singapore is often referred to as the ‘next Silicon Valley’ in the making, and it’s not all that surprising why. The island has become a destination for most entrepreneurs who are seeking to start new IT businesses as it provides the best ecosystem for startups. With some amazing companies like Grab, ReferralCandy, and all finding their roots here, Singapore has ever since attracted some of the best tech startups in the world.

This, in turn, led to an ever-increasing demand for ideas and talents, which resulted in the need for better and cheaper workspaces. And as most startup entrepreneurs cannot afford to buy or even rent an entire workspace for themselves, coworking spaces are becoming a very popular trend in Singapore. So, in our guide today, we will be going over some of the best coworking spaces in Singapore and help you find the one that can fit your needs perfectly.

1. The Hive

This coworking house pops up often in search portals like GoSpaces.Co which provides entrepreneurs with flexible space leasing options, like hourly meeting room rentals instead of monthly contracts, all over the world.

Located in the CBD and occupying the entirety of a six-story building, this coworking space offers entrepreneurs the luxury of working while enjoying their coffee with a beautiful view of the Marina Bay.

It’s located conveniently as well and is just 3-minutes away from the central business district.

2. JustCo

JustCo leases out a lot of coworking spaces within the CBD and provides some of the cheapest rates a new entrepreneur can ask for. 

Each of their workspaces is well designed with a lot of resting areas where your employees can just kick back and relax. And best of all, the offers that they provide range from JustDesk to JustStudio, and you can pick the one which fits your business model the best. 

The JustCo workspaces provide for a lot of entertainment as well, and you can enjoy the services of an arcade, a ping pong table as well as a foosball room.

3. The Trehaus

When the Trehaus was first started as a workspace, it was designed with the sole motto of bringing social change 

Located at 442 Orchard Road, this office space has a very family-friendly vibe to it and supports a rather unique hybrid of a kids’ center along with a coworking space. However, the childcare facilities and enrichment programs provided by the kids zone needs to be paid for separately.

At the Trehaus, members get to have access to lockers, office facilities, an amazing pantry as well as a lot of other amenities.

4. The Workshop

The Workshop is by far the most popular coworking space in Singapore, and it’s all because they charge the least amount of money.

They have a hot desk with unlimited access and offer a lease price which is almost half of what most coworking spaces charge. Present in the northern part of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, the Workshop office spaces provide a very comfortable work area with 24/7 accessibility.

However, one disadvantage to them is that they’re not all that easily accessible from the central business district. So, only go for this space if your business doesn’t depend on traveling and location to survive.

5. The Workhouse

The Workhouse is the perfect solution for those entrepreneurs who are planning to make a tech/IT startup. Hence, it’s not all that surprising why most people here are digital marketers, or even architects and software designers.

The Workhouse is present right at the heart of Little India and occupies the entirety of a renovated shophouse. 

There is a very close-knit social community who enjoy monthly events on a collaborative forum as well as ‘startup focused financial management and secretarial services.’

6. The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol is one big giant workspace created by merging a lot of shophouses with the AIA building. 

And what makes this place extraordinary is how it’s capable of providing both private offices as well as event venues that can be booked daily or taken up permanently as a part of your business model.

The entire area is very well lit with shuttered windows as well as a magazine library, a member’s bar at the rooftop, along with an in-house cafe.

7. WeWork

In the coworking space industry, WeWork is a very well known brand and is also the largest coworking space chain with office areas set up in over 70 cities across the globe.

WeWork keeps their offices open throughout the day, and you can enjoy certain perks like a full pantry, fresh fruits, micro-roasted coffee, along with craft beer on draft. Nap pods and bike storage are also some of the other facilities you can enjoy at WeWork.

In terms of location, commuting to the Singapore WeWork is very convenient as it’s pretty close to the Raffles Place railway station. And you can travel there from any part of the city.

8. Level 3

Situated in the Mapletree Business City between Padan & Co. Level 3 provides an excellent ambiance for employees which can help them to focus as well as relax.

In terms of services, you will have access to Unilever Foundry events as well as mentorship programs with business consultancy and even free legal consultancy.

Level 3 is a very sought after spot by entrepreneurs who are not all that confident about their business and management capabilities and just needs a bit of a push in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

Though we may have listed just 8 of our absolute favorites, there are still a lot more coworking spaces in Singapore that you can look into. 

Whether you are a freelancer, a startup founder, or even a remote worker, the Singapore space renting scene has something to offer everyone. 

And if you’re still feeling stumped, then you can visit a lot of websites out there from where you can learn about renting in SG

We hope you enjoyed our guide today.

Till next time!

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