Top 10 Beaches In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia unquestionably has some of the greatest beaches in the world and discovering tropical beach paradises is undoubtedly one of the major reasons that so many visitors go to this region of the world each year. Throughout the region, there are several islands and many more beaches. If all you wanted to do was visit some great beaches in Southeast Asia, you’d be overwhelmed with the possibilities. Is it better to visit Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, or Malaysia?

To make it easier for you, we put together in this list the top 10 beaches in Southeast Asia that you might want to consider for your next destination.

1.Tonsai Beach, Krabi (Thailand)

Tonsai, like the rest of Krabi, is famed for its beautiful beaches and jagged limestone cliffs. Tonsai Beach will make you feel like a castaway, even though the crowded Ao Nang is only a 30-minute boat trip away.

Tonsai is not an island, but it is blocked off from the mainland by steep mountains, giving it the sense of a little secluded town. Tonsai Beach is finest during high tide, and Railay Beach is only a 15-minute walk away if you wish to see the next magnificent beach. Aside from relaxing on the beaches, Tonsai is a rock-climbing hotspot, with some routes just a few feet from the beach and you might want to consider wearing sweat baggy pants to make you more comfortable while doing the activity.

2. Weekuri Lake, Sumba (Indonesia)

Sumba, in the East Nusa Tenggara Archipelago, is one of the most gorgeous places you have ever seen. It is surrounded by white sand beaches, with only rough rocks to break up the landscape.

The Weekuri lake, on the other hand, is famous for its uniqueness. It’s a saltwater lagoon with water so transparent that you can see all the busy undersea life from just above the water. It provides the impression of being in a dream, but the entire island does.

3. Paradise Beach, Bantayan Island (The Philippines)

Paradise Beach on Bantayan Island is a genuinely unspoiled, hidden sliver of paradise. It is often regarded as one of Asia’s best islands. The cliff leaping, the rack-shamble bamboo steps down to the ocean, and the absolute tranquility that comes with it are what make this beach great. When the heat gets too hot, you may take refuge in one of the little shacks. It adds to the sense that you’re on a stranded, desolate island.

4. Parola Island, Camarines Norte (The Philippines)

The isolated beaches of this secret gem in the Philippines may be heaven on earth. Parola Island is located in Camarines Norte’s beautiful turquoise sea waters. This laid-back, unspoiled paradise has an attraction that you can’t help but fall for. Except for the rustic lighthouse and a shabby cabana, there are no other structures on the island.

It has a captivating view of the emerald-blue sea, guiltless golden sand, and neatly aligned Crayola green palms. The enchantment comes when the sea saltwater kisses the golden sand, which is most visible when the sun sets during its final hours – it’s one of those “pinch-me” moments.

5. Las Cabanas, El Nido, Palawan (The Philippines)

If you want to visit a beach that isn’t too well-known in Southeast Asia, Las Cabanas in El Nido, the Philippines, is one of the finest! The beach is not crowded therefore it allows you to appreciate the spectacular views even more. The view around the beach is breathtaking, with palm trees bordering the shore and rock outcrops stretching out into the water ahead. It’s a very lovely beach. Las Cabanas Beach is without a doubt one of the greatest off-the-beaten-path beaches in Southeast Asia, and it is a must-see if you visit the Philippines.

6. Long Beach, Redang Island (Malaysia)

Redang Island, located off Malaysia’s east coast, is also home to some of the country’s greatest beaches. Long Beach, also known as Pasir Panjang in the local community, is ranked first.

Long Beach is an expanse of fine white sand on Redang Island’s east coast. Although there are other facilities along the beach, it remains calm and a fantastic location to swim or relax on the sand. Visitors may snorkel in the crystal blue seas off the cliffs at each end of the beach.

7. Datai Bay, Langkawi (Malaysia)

Datai Bay in Langkawi is a beautiful, isolated beach where the jungle meets the sea. This naturally rough coastline was rated one of the top ten finest beaches in the world by National Geographic, so you know it’s going to be something spectacular.

Datai Bay is well-known for being a nature lover’s delight. It is the greatest site in the world to see the adorable Flying Colugo, a little flying Lemur-like mammal. There will also be monkeys playing in the trees and endangered Hornbill birds breeding just over your head.

8. Tusan Beach, Sarawak (Malaysia)

Tusan Beach is a hidden gem of the Miri province, a site that is still unknown to most travel guides and hence neglected by tourists; in fact, not even all Miri residents are aware of it. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic location, maybe the greatest thing to see around here, and one of the most gorgeous beaches in Southeast Asia.

Tusan Beach is a length of golden sand backed by a magnificent tuff rock that has formed some amazing natural features. In addition, during the night, a brilliant blue fluorescence occurs in the water, generated by particular algae known as ‘Dinoflagellates’.


9. Bawah Reserve, Bawah Island (Malaysia)

Bawah Island is located in Indonesia’s Anambas archipelago, between Malaysia’s southern point and West Borneo. It’s the ideal location to unwind, interact with nature, and detox from technology.

The water quality is amazing here. There are a lot of corals, a lot of sea life, and there aren’t many waves. You may explore the reef in a clear bottom kayak, go snorkeling, windsurfing, or do nearly anything else! Also, go for a walk to the summit of the island for some of the most breathtaking vistas. With so many activities you can explore here, you might not want to forget to protect yourself from sunburn (often reapply your sunscreen, soothe your skin with aloe vera gel, wear SPF swimwear)

10. Sao Beach, Phu Quoc Island (Vietnam)

The island of Phu Quoc is located close to Vietnam’s southern coast. It is a fantastic beach resort with several beautiful beaches. Long Beach on the west coast is the most well-known, with several bars and restaurants; nevertheless, Sao Beach on the southeast coast is the finest. There is a silky-smooth beach and clear lukewarm water here. Typically, there are only a few people on the entire beach. Sao Beach has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Sao Beach, aside from the restaurant, is entirely natural and undisturbed.

One suggestion for visitors to Sao Beach: bring everything you need to capture the entire beauty of this island! Bring a GoPro, a drone, or a camera to turn your experience into artistic short clips that you can save on your cloud storage and replay whenever you want.

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